I believe there are two ways to live life.

Susan GreggOne is believing that you can’t change. That those tired, worn-out stories you’ve been telling about yourself forever are stuck to you like superglue.

The other is to learn how to see the joy in each and every moment. To change your story from one of fear and misery to one of happiness and freedom.

Which way of life sounds better to you?

If you’re ready to let go of your old, stagnant beliefs and dive into the fresh, clear waters of infinite possibility, I can help.

Through my programs, retreats, private coaching and guided meditations, we’ll uncover the perfect you that’s always been there, waiting to shine.

Isn’t it time you met your true and beautiful self? I’d love to introduce you.

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What an amazing experience

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susan and the lilacsI just got back from a week long retreat in Sedona. In a word wow. The retreat was focused on opening the heart to love and we sure did!

For me one of the best part was the lilacs were in bloom and of course the amazing people that came to the retreat. Lilacs are my all time favorite flowers and it has been thirty-two years since I smelled them.

We also built an amazing labyrinth as a gift to the retreat center. In the process we moved tons of rocks. I took some images of people walking the labyrinth which I find magical.


Creating magic in your life

How do you have such a magical experience in your own life, while sitting at home? It really is possible and relatively easy. I focused on creating loving, nurturing experiences for everyone everyday. I focused on love and that is what people experienced. So, in your life make loving yourself your primary focus.

  1. Love yourself – that means taking care of yourself, being gentle, being kind and remembering how awesome you really are.
  2. Do at least one nurturing thing a day
  3. The most resisted but most powerful exercise I know – look at yourself in the mirror, directly into your eyes and say I love you.  Do it daily until you really believe it and then continue doing it!
  4. Just be nice and focus on love.

So, what do you want or need in  your life?  Want help creating a retreat of your own in your own home? Drop me a comment and let me know how I can help you. With love, happiness and joy, Susan