your life
Real You
Allow love to
show you
the way!

Just a few thoughts  for you to ponder as you read on. . . 

Only the love is real but we forget.
Love, loving everything will set you free.
Love everything equally and your life will transform!

My Spiritual Awakening with bodhilia:

Leading Master spiritual teacher Susan Gregg: practical path of love.Listen to the wisdom voice that changed my life. No-effort simplicity of awakening.

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Ready to make change a fun adventure and let go of your old limiting beliefs and behaviors? Nothing compares with the results you get from one on one coaching.


Taking time out of your busy life, relax, immerse yourself in a magical time to transform while you recharge and have fun.


Susan is the author of 8 books with number 9 on the way. She creates amazing guided meditations and her video class Art of Allowing is transformational

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What if you threw away all the would haves, should haves and if onlys in your life?


What if you allowed yourself to  realize that there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with you?


What if you remembered that you truly are perfect just the way you are?


REALLY, all you need to do is to re-member who and what you really are.


And in the remembering you will see your perfection and the perfection all around you.


In that moment you will know only love and that love will set you free.

There is an ease and a flow to my life that has emerged during my intensive program with Susan. Her loving observations and insightful questioning have deepened my capability to truly accept what is happening in my life. From this—and the suggestions she has offered me—so much has been revealed that I have let go of. I have stepped through a doorway of understanding that I know will remain with me for the rest of my life and am looking forward to what is yet to be revealed. I so enjoy having her as an ally on my journey to wholeness and balance.

Ann Roberts

Conscious Development

Leading spiritual teacher, coach, advisor working closely with you in all expressions of personal life, spirituality, love and unfoldment. Master wisdom coach Susan Gregg brings to each person she works with insight, inspiration and empowering tools.

I’m sure you’ve had challenging times and situations come upon you. I certainly have. Often you’re stuck in a condition of non-freedom from undergoing these personal issues. You’re unable to enter a more spiritualized state of mind and body. We understand this. As a result you experience confused, dark-night-of-the-soul reactions and situations. I put forth that it is very helpful—and essential—at these times to have a guide or coach alongside you sharing knowledge and tools that will take you down the right path for you. A guide or coach provides you with the inspiration to keep you going and working on your self. Spiritual master teacher Susan Gregg is a loving, inspiring advisor and guide who has worked with hundreds of women and men (of all ages). She has helped them change minor or major facets of themselves, and to arrive at permanent states of contented happiness and a higher self vantage point. A spiritual teacher is akin to a business executive mentor: listening deeply, offering insight and advice that is both universal and at the same time very specific to the student. As a woman, Susan Gregg is naturally attuned to the needs, issues, conditions and perspectives of women who are searching for transforming counsel and practical tools to become the spiritualized person they feel they truly are. A spiritual wisdom coach is one who uses insight acquired through being taught by other wisdom teachers, studying closely under them, and through personal trials and successes over time. Please get in touch with Susan today to start a fruitful conversation.