About Susan

Susan Gregg“Everything begins with love.”

Some might call it a mantra. Some might call it a motto. I call it my bottom line.

That’s because I believe—deep in my soul—that when you learn to look at the world in a different way, love will come flooding in. Love for yourself. Love for your community. Love for the world. (Yes, and love even for those people who piss you off to no end).

This love will transform your everyday life.

You’ll wake up feeling energized, yet peaceful. You’ll handle the daily bumps and bruises of life with astonishing grace and ease. You’ll feel more spacious as you operate from a place of “what is” instead of “what if.” You’ll start feeling good about dreaming big. And you’ll feel even better when you start seeing those dreams become realities.

Does this sound like the life you’d like to have?

I can help you get it.

In fact, it’s my sole mission in life.

After studying several different spiritual traditions, my own awakening happened when I found my way to the Toltec tradition. I apprenticed with don Miguel Ruiz, the author of the international bestseller, The Four Agreements, and his mother, Sister Sarita.

That apprenticeship transformed my life from one of drama and depression to one of joy and love. And it also revealed to me my true gift: teaching others how to practice these techniques so they, too, can live happier, more joyous and more peaceful lives, no matter what their circumstances.

So I moved to the most beautiful and healing place on earth, Hawaii, to start teaching and writing and doing whatever I could to spread the goodness. I’ve written seven books. I’ve held workshops  all over the world. I’ve recorded dozens of guided meditations that help ground people when they can’t work with me in person. I do podcasts and teleclasses and one-on-one sessions.

I’ve loved every minute of it.

Because I know that living a life of truth and love is as good as it gets. And every day I am blessed to get to witness that light coming on for someone—and knowing all the wonderful things they have ahead of them.

It’s not magic, but it is magical.

Learning to embrace the perfectness of you—and the world—isn’t easy. If it were, you wouldn’t need me!

I want this to be a lasting, lifetime change for you. That’s why when you work with me, I give you all the techniques and support you need to uncover the shiny brilliance you’ve got hidden away.

The good news is that once this way of thinking and being becomes a habit, you’ll be shocked at how effortless it is to be your glorious self in this world. And oh, what a relief it is!

Don’t spend any more time thinking “What if?”

A life of joy, delight and ease is waiting for you. I can’t wait to work with you to help you discover it.

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