I never cease to be amazed by this magical place called physical reality. I am currently on a cruise ship. IONS is sponsoring a Cruise of Consciousness so there are 300 people on a spiritual adventure and then the rest of the boat on a cruise where most people seem to be eating and drinking as much as they can.

When I was a student Miguel often suggested I go and watch people energetically, without judging them. It was easy to watch and took practice to observe without judging them or making up a story about who they were. People watching here could be a full time occupation.

As I sit here on the deck there are families, an older woman in a wheel chair, young singles, fat people, thin people, drunk people, happy people, sick people, happy children and unhappy children. We are all in the same place yet so many different experiences.

I am sure some of them have noticed this woman sitting in the shade working on her computer and have an opinion about that. I love life and love this time/space continuum where we can create anything we want when we want it.

In the midst of the chaos I am certainly enjoying the ocean breeze, the gentle rocking of the boat and the freedom to do whatever I want with the day. So as I finish this post, I send you the reader the energy of freedom and joy.

In each moment we have at our disposal unmanifested energy of creation and we are the sculptors of our reality. What are you going to do with the energy of the rest of your day, your week, your life? We mold that energy thought by thought. What is it you want to create?

You can do anything with this moment, once you acknowledge you can do anything with this moment. The only limitations that exist are the ones we impose upon ourselves.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the gift of this moment!

With love and aloha,