You are not your mind or your body. You are a vast energy that is eternal, immortal and infinite. You are the energy that gives life to your body. You are a magician constantly creating your experience of reality.

The primary focus of Toltec wisdom is to help you achieve personal freedom and to master the art of conscious creation. In order to do that you need to clear out your filter system and retrain your mind.

The Toltec tradition is a philosophy or a way of life that allows you to be happy no matter what is happening around you. If you are a Christian or a Buddhist or a Muslim or an atheist for that matter it will help you be a better one. The Toltec tradition will assist you in creating personal freedom.

Don Juan talked to Castaneda about moving his assemblage point or changing that point of creation. We either create our experience and make our choices from our mind or our spirit. When we view life from our mind’s perspective it is limited and often fear based. As we choose to deepen our connection to our spirit we can experience life from a totally limitless perspective.

One of the first exercises I suggest to people when they begin to work with me is to write their own definition of personal freedom. Make your definition deeply personal and emotionally juicy. Make your definition emotionally rich enough to help you move through some of the resistance you may encounter.

With love and aloha,