Following love down the rabbit hole of life

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Only the love is real


I am in the process of writing my next book. When I was talking to my agent she asked me to explain what I meant when I said only the love was real.

In the previous paragraph I had explained how all of our emotions were created by the story we tell ourselves. So, if all of our emotions are manufactured by our mind telling us a story, based on its assumptions about life, why is the love real?

What a great question. Why is the love real? Well the way I view life there are two varieties or definitions of love. There is fear based love (not real, just fear disguised as love) and love based love (very real, it is an expansive energy very closely related to the energy of creation).

Fear based love

Fear based love is why it is so easy to feel unlovable. Fear based love is very conditional. Many relationships are based on fear based love. I will love you as long as you treat me in a certain way.

The moment you break one of the fear based love rules you are no longer lovable. Fear based love isn’t really love at all. It is a trade agreement where the rules aren’t very clear.

If there are conditions on love it isn’t really love at all. Love expands, fear contracts.

Love based  love

Love based love is unconditional. Practicing unconditional love is wonderful spiritual practice and it does take practice.

We are so accustomed to judging that opening our hearts and our minds to love based love is often a totally new and often unexplored territory for our habitual way of thinking about life.

Once we allow that expansion to occur life is never the same, it is amazing how freeing that shift is.

So how far down the rabbit hole are you willing to go?

Are you willing to let love be your guide? Once I realized how different life could be I started asking myself these questions:

How can I see this through the eyes of love?

What would love do?

Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy?

The more I used those questions the easier it became to spot fear based love and let it go.

There are still times I want to be right. Moments when I want to get on my high horse (as my mom called it) and righteously ride into misery but they are further apart and are short lived.

Love, love, love

Are you ready for a new way of looking at life? Are you ready to retrain your mind and learn how to be really happy and immersed in love, light and laughter?

How do you think your life would be different if you let go of fear based love and filled it with love based love instead? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below!

With love based love,


What an amazing experience

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susan and the lilacsI just got back from a week long retreat in Sedona. In a word wow. The retreat was focused on opening the heart to love and we sure did!

For me one of the best part was the lilacs were in bloom and of course the amazing people that came to the retreat. Lilacs are my all time favorite flowers and it has been thirty-two years since I smelled them.

We also built an amazing labyrinth as a gift to the retreat center. In the process we moved tons of rocks. I took some images of people walking the labyrinth which I find magical.


Creating magic in your life

How do you have such a magical experience in your own life, while sitting at home? It really is possible and relatively easy. I focused on creating loving, nurturing experiences for everyone everyday. I focused on love and that is what people experienced. So, in your life make loving yourself your primary focus.

  1. Love yourself – that means taking care of yourself, being gentle, being kind and remembering how awesome you really are.
  2. Do at least one nurturing thing a day
  3. The most resisted but most powerful exercise I know – look at yourself in the mirror, directly into your eyes and say I love you.  Do it daily until you really believe it and then continue doing it!
  4. Just be nice and focus on love.

So, what do you want or need in  your life?  Want help creating a retreat of your own in your own home? Drop me a comment and let me know how I can help you. With love, happiness and joy, Susan

Episode 107: Passion and Loving Yourself

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We have the ability to create anything in our life, yet our creation comes through our “filter system”. Our beliefs support our filter system. If we love our self, then passion can fill our life. If we choose something other than love, our life reflects that. Enjoy this episode on choosing the gift of a passionate life!


Giving some loving attention

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Heart shaped bookHaving a passionate love affair with yourself is the first step in creating an absolutely amazing life. The ability to truly love yourself is an absolute must in life. With that as a foundation anything is possible. You can write your own ticket in life!

If I had a magic wand I would wave it over you so  you could feel loved and see what a difference loving yourself makes. I wrote a post with three simple steps to do just that.

Loving yourself, selfishly loving yourself is highly under rated. So give yourself a lot of loving attention and see what happens. The video below is an great reminder!

I am about to give some love to my web site

I haven’t posted for the last few weeks because I have been busy loving my web site. If all goes well in the next few weeks my web site will have a new look. And I look forward to your thoughts about the new look.

In the meantime here is a video that pretty much says it all….


Until next time …. with a new look and lots of love. Any thoughts about what you’d like to see more of, less of or what you really enjoy already??? I love reading your comments so let me know!!!

With joy, love and a bit overwhelmed,

Tick tock . . . time sure flies

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clock on fireEver feel like you can’t possible get everything done?

Feel like time is running out? Or at least leaking out somewhere. Your to do list never seems to get totally to-done.

Do your to do lists seem to get longer and longer?

Never fear Time Extender is here! Recently I offered Doubt Be Gone to subscribers of my Daily Reflections. I have received hundred of emails telling me how effective it was. (You’ll have to subscribe to my free daily reflections to get your own free copy and wait for the message to eventually arrive. Yes, this is sort of a joke but read on there are some very useful suggestions)

Time Extender is very simple to use, apply it liberally to your life whenever you are feeling rushed or overwhelmed. By the time you get to step 7 all will be well.

Step 1 Take a long, slow deep breath
Step 2 Look lovingly at yourself in the mirror and relax
Step 3 Remember you are perfect just the way you are
Step 4 Remind yourself that your life is filled with ease
Step 5 Take another deep breath and remember tomorrow is another day
Step 6 There is no need to get upset, this too shall pass
Step 7 Refer to your list of three small things

Hope you have an amazing weekend and enjoy each and every moment, now and always.

Love to see your suggestions for working with time and to do lists in the comment section. (Or just a note saying you enjoyed the humor)

With love, joy and aloha,