Mastering Life

courageYears ago people would apprentice themselves to a master craftsmen until they mastered the trade. They spent time practicing. In this video I talk about mastering life and becoming a joy master. Enjoy and as always I would love to see your comments in the comment section below.




With love, aloha and joy,

Finding Balance Making Life Grand!

yogaWhen we are out of balance in any area of our life it affects all areas of our life. I hope you enjoy the video (below) I made about Finding Balance.

Do you have a hard time finding that sense of balance?

Are you able to make time for all the things that really matter to you?

Have you realized how powerful your words really are?

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Playing with time

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time?
That life is just flying by?
Your to do list is never ending?


What are your experiences with time? I’d love to see your questions or  comments below.

With love and aloha,

When spring arrives

crocus and snowWhen I lived in Vermont spring and crocus always amazed me. Before you knew it these tiny flowers would emerge from beneath the earth. Sometimes I’d wake up in the morning to see a fresh blanket of snow and as the sun warmed the earth again the tiny splashes of color would emerge.

As far as I know no one had to tell the flowers what to do they just followed their inner being. You too have an inner being.

Your true inner being –

the essence of who and what you are

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Getting serious about happiness, love and joy

Here is a short video about changing your filter system so you can fill your life with happiness, love and joy. You are the creator of your own happiness or misery. I am a big fan of happiness and joy which of course immerse us in love! Enjoy!

At the end of the video you will have the opportunity to sign up for a free exploration call.

I’d love to see your thoughts, questions and feelings in the comment section. With love and joy, Susan

A Love letter from your future self

special delivery letterImagine waking up one day, go out to get the mail and there is a thick letter that looks rather old and tattered. You rip it open and you recognize your handwriting and realize it is from your future self.

It is a love letter and a thank you note from your future self. Thanking you for all the choices you made that made their existence possible.

Your future self thanks you for letting go of the hopelessness, for letting go of the feeling that the drama will never end, that you will never be good enough and that no mater how hard you try you’ll never have the life of you dreams. For letting go of the beliefs that you’ll always have a body you hate, a job that you go to because you have to not because you want to and life is something you just have to get through.

Your future self goes on to praise you for the leap of faith you took to get the support and help you needed. Today you are gloriously happy, you have a life beyond your wildest dreams, a home you adore, a job you are passionate about, friends and family that support you and the most amazing relationship.

Thanks for making the really hard choices

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Life and labyrinths

sedona labyrinth 3I think of life like an amazingly beautiful labyrinth. There are turns and twists but inevitably we get to the center and we can pause, deepen our connect to our spirit and then take that love back out into our life.

A few weeks ago I built a number of labyrinths at the Sedona Mago Retreat Center. The one pictured above is called Unity. I think of it as infinity because when seen from above it forms an infinity symbol. [Read more...]

Ever felt stuck? Wanted to change but failed?

broken dreamsFor more years than I care to remember my New Years Eve list contained some of the same items. Year after year I wanted to lose weight, stop smoking and have more money. Three goals that I knew would make a difference in my life.

After a while I felt like a failure. It was like this gray ooze just spread over my entire life. I felt like I was in a little movie called Pleasantville and my life was in black and white. I became suicidal (Obviously this story has a happy ending). I tried everything except what would actually work. Can you relate at all?

What did I do to become unstuck?

I made lots of small changes but the two biggies were: [Read more...]


Cheerful woman standing with blue scarf.When we smile we cause our body chemistry to change. At a profound level smiling could change your life, improve your health and attract the perfect mate.

All that with a simple smile? Yes. But, imagine what would happen if you changed your beliefs along with smiling a lot. You could have the life of your dreams. You could have a job you love (yes, you will want to have something you love doing and I call that your job), a magnificent home, and anything else you might want.

Our Inner Dialog

What we say to ourselves deeply affects how we are feeling and the choices we make. You are the creator of your reality. Thought by thought, smile by smile. You can change your experience of life but it is an inside job. [Read more...]