Magical Moments in Latvia and Lithuania



I’m back from my yearly trip to Lithuania and Latvia. I must admit my body is still not fully adjusted to Hawaii time, but I am getting there. And although it’s been a little sleep-challenging, I have really enjoyed being up before dawn and watching a new day slowly arrive.

horse farm

Europe was wonderful. I saw many familiar faces and met many new ones. I often talk about following the cosmic breadcrumbs and experiencing magic and miracles; this trip was full of them. But among the many magical moments I experienced, there are two I count as my favorites.

When I was in Latvia, we held the workshop at a converted horse farm. It was beautiful. I experienced my first minor miracle when I got locked in my room. I found out I was locked in when I tried to step out into the hall to use the internet, since there was no Internet connection in my room.

Miracle of miracles, I was able to connect to Skype and had the organizer’s phone number in my contact list. I called and after some struggles, they were able to get my door open and replace the lock.

When I knew I was locked in, I realized I had numerous choices. I could panic, wait until I was missed, chill and read, or use the power of intent. I set my intent and, low and behold, my Internet worked for a few minutes—just long enough to resolve the problem.

I experienced a magical moment of joy in Lithuania when I walked into the meeting room on my first day of classes in Nida. There were beautiful handmade candle holders with footsteps cut out of construction paper and words of love written on them and illuminated by the burning candles. It was such a sacred and deeply moving moment that words are only a pale reflection. I was, once again, reminded that when we open our hearts to love, amazing things can happen.

I have so many wonderful memories I could go on and on describing heart warming, sweet, magical moments; watching people transform and help others transform. Seeing doubt turn into hope and then into laughter and joy is such a profound reminder of just what is possible and why I so love this work.

two sharingWe make labyrinths every year by the Baltic Sea and this year a woman got permission from several towns to build labyrinths. In one town they actually allowed her to have prisoners move the massive rocks. People who had never seen a labyrinth have now walked them as they made them and I liked the idea that perhaps by just building a labyrinth, these prisoners were unknowingly introduced to the contemplative, spiritual life. I imagine that the magic of the labyrinth will help them along on their journey.

My birthday is today and I will spend it hiking on my new knees, enjoying nature and setting my intent for the coming year. And that reminds me that it’s always intent and the other two masteries that are my foundation and source of great fortune.


I have studied many spiritual philosophies and numerous systems designed to change lives, but I find I always return to the Toltec tradition. I love its three masteries: awareness, transformation and intent. Once you learn how to use these in your life, anything is possible. I have proven it to myself over and over again and seen my students do the same for many, many years now. I went from being severely depressed and suicidal to having an incredible life.

So that’s about all for my summer “vacation” report! ;D I’m thrilled to be back home and really looking forward to digging in this Fall and helping you find your own personal path to joy and peace.

sand mandalaOn a final note, next week I will be opening up my coaching program again for a short while. I have some spaces available, and if you are ready to make some quantum leaps in your life and are willing to change your limiting beliefs, I’d love to work with you. You can find out more here… If it’s time for you to get serious about making big changes in your life, you’ll know that this is the universe giving you a little nudge.

And if you’d like to see some more pictures of my trip check out the blog post before this one where I’ve added a gallery of photos from my trip.

As ever, I’d love to hear from you too, so feel free to say hi and let me know how you’re doing in the comments!

Thanks for being part of my online family. May your day be filled with love and may magic and miracles stalk your every moment.

With much love and aloha,

How You Can Learn to See the Unseen

Help is a Moment Away

Today I’m going to tell you the story of how I broke free from my past, unhappy life, learned how to be find and create true happiness in a single moment and how you can do the same thing.

I remember, long ago and far away, but almost as if it were yesterday, the moment I realized I was missing something. And it was something big!

I knew that my life was not the life I wanted. As far as I was concerned, it was broken.

And I also knew that what I was doing wasn’t working, and it was never going to work unless I drastically changed what I was doing.

My story is actually a very common one—maybe you can relate.

For years I was a loner. I didn’t believe in depending on anyone, or anything. I thought I could figure life out by myself, and I spent many years trying to do just that.

But at one point it dawned on me that every single unhappy day I stumbled through was almost identical to the previous one and things just weren’t improving like the books said they should. Notice that word, should.

It was then I decided it was time to really change—to finally see if I could figure out how to have a happier life. But how to do it was the constant question!

At first I read books on spirituality and applied myself randomly to the task of finding joy and peace.

I would spend a lot of time thinking about how great it would be to have a better life and I’d be excited about it for a while.

But soon I’d lose the eagerness for enlightenment that I’d had and I’d put the books down and find myself back where I started: depressed and nowhere closer to my spiritual goals.

Even though I knew I really wanted to be happier and stop worrying so much, doing this spiritual thing by myself was hard.

I couldn’t stay focused and disciplined and it meant I didn’t make any real progress. My choice to go it alone didn’t work very well at all.

Certainly, I did make some small progress over the years, and life did improve a bit as my spiritual journey became sort of a priority, but it was taking forever and that too was a reason for me to feel depressed about it all.

A turning point came when one of my first teachers said, “…it’s hard to return to being one when you’re doing it alone.” The way she said it made me laugh and I got it.


The Secret is Giving Up

I know I can be stubborn about some things and perhaps I felt I was close and just needed one more book, or recording, or meditation session….

But in the end, it was when I humbled myself and let go of trying to do it all on my own that things changed. When I finally asked for help, my life really flipped to the light side and things started to take off in every area.

The full story is for another time, but, suffice it to say, one magical day I stumbled into the little group led by Don Miguel Ruiz’s mother and later by Don Miguel himself and that was the day my new life began.

It was such a relief to realize I could finally get answers to all the questions I had been storing in the back of my mind.

When we can look outside ourselves and ask to be seen by another, our real spiritual practice truly begins. We finally get to see the things we couldn’t see because those invisible things are reflected back to us by the other person.

This is the great gift that comes with coaching or mentoring.

When we work with someone who can show us the potholes and rough spots on our path and encourage us to stick with a practice that may be painful at times, this is when we can really make the progress we’ve always wanted.

Ultimately, becoming one with your essence is about learning who you are and it’s a journey only you can take. But a life coach is a temporary companion on your journey toward self realization who can act as a compassionate guide for you.

The strange thing is, having the assistance of a loving guide makes your solitary journey so much easier. In fact, in some ways, it’s the one thing that can make it possible at all, especially if you’ve already hit a wall.

Our limiting beliefs are invisible because they form our version of reality. It’s the old story of the fish who doesn’t know it lives in water.

When I first started studying with Don Miguel the classes were taught in Spanish. I didn’t speak Spanish, but I knew that this group was where I belonged. It may sound strange, but even though I couldn’t understand the language, my life began to change.

My studies with Don Miguel helped me feel safe enough to embrace change. I soon felt confident in taking the next solitary steps on my journey because I knew I had someone who supported me if something just didn’t work like I expected. And I could always ask questions when things DID get confusing or didn’t make sense.

Eventually, my work with Don Miguel became a very powerful key to my spiritual progress and ultimately helped me achieve my transformation from depressed and unhappy to grateful and thrilled to be alive.

Yes, I still had to do it by myself and yes there were always painful and challenging days, but having a guide meant I was no longer alone when I was by myself, if that makes sense.

Your Filter System is Invisible—To You

I call our belief structure our filter system for a reason. Our beliefs, agreements, assumptions and attitudes filter and distort our experience of reality. We never actually see reality. What we see is our filter system and we call it reality.

Personal freedom arrives in our lives only when we release our filter system, but seeing our own filter system is almost impossible when we try to do it alone. But it’s a lot easier for us to see someone else’s filter system, and that’s why we choose to work with a mentor, or coach.

Together we can see the problems and walls that are in your way. As humans, it’s a great service that we can do for each other to help one another see what we can’t see on our own, namely, our filter system and the ways it hides reality from us.

Of course, a coach also supports you when you forget your goals and wonder where to turn. There’s nothing like the accountability that comes with knowing someone else knows what your goals and promises to yourself are.

So, whether you work with me, or someone else, I really encourage you to avoid the lone ranger routine. Seek out that trusted person you know you could ask for help and go ask!

Asking for help may just be the one key to transforming your life into the bright and joyful experience you’ve wished it could be.

Go find someone who will support you in creating a life as wonderful as it can possibly be.

With love and aloha,

P.S. I am currently accepting a few spots in my Transformational Coaching program and if you’re ready for this level of personal mentorship, I encourage you to apply. I can’t wait to work with you as we help you see your filter system and find your transformational path to happiness and joy!

Click here to find out more about the coaching/mentoring program intensive…

With much love and aloha,


photo credit: h.koppdelaney via photopin cc

It’s Time to Get Serious About Happiness and Joy!

Aloha! Can you believe the first month of the new year has all but completely left the barn?!

I was thinking about 2013 recently and all the potential and possibility that’s wound up tight inside these next 11 months—so much joy and positive energy and action just waiting to unfold.

But of course, depending on the thoughts we choose and the actions we take, all manner of things can unfold; not just the “good” stuff.

There are so many possible paths and so many possible choices leading from one path to another. And every day we’re asked again and again to make the best choice we can, usually in the “worst” possible moment.

The funny thing is, these so-called worst moments can become the best moments with the mere “flick” of a thought.

It’s all in how we choose to perceive what’s happening around us and within us that determines the action we’ll take and whether or not we stay on the best possible path our higher self has already figured out is perfect for us.

You know, the path that is filled with joy and gratitude and happiness instead of worry, fear, anger and lack.

That’s why it’s SO important to train your mind when the pressure isn’t on so that when things DO get crazy, you already know how to compensate and automatically make the best possible choice for your present and future life.

You really do have the power to create the reality you want to experience!

It just takes practice and some help from someone who’s already been down a few of the best (and worst) paths…

Today I’m announcing the opening of a new session of my Mentoring Program and you’re invited to apply for a spot if you think you’re ready to get serious about filling your life with more happiness, joy, gratitude, peace and abundance.

There are only four slots available for this session and the window of opportunity is a small one this time.

I’ll be accepting applications starting today and closing applications on Sunday, February 3rd.

Everyone whose application is approved will receive a free, one-hour private session with me where we’ll work on anything you’d like to focus on. This is the same $225 private session that is always available, but we’ll also be checking in to see if we’re a good fit and whether the Mentoring Program will be right for you.

With mentoring, I find it’s important that we both are committed and excited about the process and that you’ll be in it for the long haul. While a 1-hour session can often be a powerful quick fix for a current problem, it’s the commitment to consistent lessons and practice over time that really create the kind of life-changing results that we all want.

What to do next…

Fill out the Mentoring Program application and start the process now… I will only accept four students during this next session and there is a limit to the number of free sessions I’m offering as well. The earliest qualifying applicants go to the front of the line and will receive their 1-hour session first. I’ll let you know via email whether you qualify and I’ll send you a special link to sign up for a session time with me then.

I absolutely look forward to joining you on your journey into a brighter and joy-filled future!

With much love and aloha,


Imagine Having a Magic Wand…

… And creating whatever you want when you want

You already do have that magic wand. I call it your filter system: your beliefs, agreements, assumptions and attitudes. Your filter system creates your experience of reality. When you change your filter system, you can profoundly change your life for the better.

When I say change your life though, it’s easy to feel like that sounds too vague or even impossible.

What do I mean by a better life? Obviously it’s different for everyone, and at the risk of sounding materialistic, I feel that creating the life of your dreams is not necessarily just about blissing out and never feeling pain again.

Truly, when you learn to control your thoughts, feel your true emotions and understand the way you perceive and respond to the reality you live in every day, you really CAN have things like peace, joy and understanding.

And when we are grounded in a more accurate view of our life and the energy systems we live in and are, it makes it that much easier to “create” the things we need and want, even the more material things like a better job, more time, the perfect relationship, the waistline we always wanted, or the happiness with our waistline just the way it is, etc.

But throughout my life and personal journey on this path, I’ve found that I was never quite able to do it by myself and there were many times I’d wished for a mentor and didn’t know where to look. I hope that if you’re at that stage in life where you could really use a little help, you’ll take that next step and begin the mentoring process, whether it’s with me, or someone else. It’s really the secret to amazing growth and change!

I have been helping people change their filter system for over 25 years now and one of the things I love most about my work is watching people’s lives change for the better.

Last week I started sharing a series of videos where I teach you some of the fundamental tools that I’ve used to effect powerful change. These exercises can easily be underestimated though because they really are so simple and easy to do. Do them anyway and see what happens!

The videos are short and you can start using these tools right now to change your world. Here are three of the them to get you started:


Don’t even go there

One of my mentors gave me many wonderful gifts and this is one of my favorite. It helps you change those limiting thoughts and get off the emotional hamster wheel.


Random acts of kindness and gratitude

I think one of the most powerful spiritual practices, guaranteed to change your life is practicing gratitude. I also love the idea of random acts of kindness. In this video I talk about both and how to use them to change your life.


Learning to love yourself

This is SUCH an important tool and I really hope you’ll give it a try.


I’ll be posting more videos in the coming days. If you have a specific topic you would like to see me talk about in a video just post your question in the comment section. If you aren’t currently receiving these new videos, but would like to, all you have to do is subscribe to the Daily Reflections (in the sidebar to your right) and you’ll not miss any.

My six-week teleclass, “Creating What You REALLY Want” will be starting Tuesday, November 13th. I can tell you without a doubt that it will be amazing, life changing and incredibly powerful. Subscribe to the Daily Reflections and you’ll also be notified about new videos and get great daily inspiriational email messages.

The class is now open for registration! Click here to learn more and register

With love and aloha,

Guided Meditations and Visualization – Monthly Meditation Re-Opens


In this video I talk about how we can use altered states of consciousness to make real changes in our lives.

Using the power of guided visualization, you alter the way you respond to events in your life by practicing in your mind beforehand.

Guided meditations help us practice visualization and the better we get at visualization the more effective it is in helping us change our brains and, ultimately, our lives.

I know you have probably heard it a million times by now that meditation is good for you, etc. Etc., and maybe you’ve wanted to learn how but thought it was too time-consuming, or difficult because you thought you couldn’t visualize.

Here’s the thing: everyone can visualize. Even if you feel you’re no good at it; even if you tell me you think you “couldn’t visualize yourself out of a wet paper bag” I say pshaw. :D

The truth is, you CAN do it. In fact, the very act of attempting to visualize actually switches on areas of your brain that were dark and unused before you made the attempt. Over time, as you continue to practice, you will find that no matter how bad you thought you were at it, you become very competent. Eventually you’ll find it hard to believe you ever doubted yourself even the least little bit.

So watch the video and try it for yourself. See how it works and let me know in the comments how you did and whether it brought up any questions for you. I’d love too hear how it went!

And in the mean time, I’m very excited to tell you that I’ve re-opened the Monthly Guided Meditation series and it will now stay open for good.

I’ve gotten wonderful feedback from the first subscribers who got started a few weeks ago too and I’d like to share a couple of their comments:

“… I am a single working mom of a teenage boy. This week, I have been juggling work, jury duty and…[a lot more]…so amid all that is going on in my world, your meditations are something I am dearly looking forward to. I am so grateful that I was able to be counted in the initial group at such an affordable cost.

Your daily reflections are such a main-stay for me and most definitely are food for my soul.”


“I enjoyed [the meditations] quite a bit, especially the sunflower one. My goal is to truly do this every day, I’ve known intellectually for years that meditation is helpful but the “just do it” hasn’t happened. I’m looking forward to some peace and pleasant feelings…”


“I have been doing this work for 2 1/2 years now, mostly on my own. Last weekend was a particularly dark time for me and your meditations and the Art of Allowing videos helped me a lot. Thank you so much for getting it to me.”

Additionally, the introductory price for the Monthly Guided Meditations will still be good for another week or so.

If you think you’d like to give it a try, I really encourage you to see how they work for you. I’ve made the first month an extremely good deal with extra meditations and a great ebook to help you get even more out of the monthly series—all part of the first month’s price.

Check out the Monthly Guided Meditations and see if this special program is for you…

With much love and aloha,