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Excited Litte Girl I remember playing the game ‘telephone’ as a child. We’d sit in a circle and one person would begin by whispering a story into the next person’s ear. The story would slow travel around the circle.

The last person would share the story with the group and then the first person would tell us what they actually said. We would all laugh about how much the stories had changed. It was an innocent party game, no harm was done.

Gossip, cyber bullying or failing to check our personal stories at the door often are far from harmless. Children have killed themselves because of the pain caused by bullying. All of the misery we experience in our lives has the same cause regardless of the events. The real cause of all suffering is separation from love, from our spirit and from divinity.

Life is and then we tell ourselves a story. We make our choices and react to life based on that story. If that story is one of fear happiness, joy and abundance are excluded from the equation.

What if love became our guiding force?

There is so much fear in this world. Just for today focus on what you love. Even if it is little things like I love the sun or the color blue. I love Pumpkin Spice Lattes, yummy yummy Lattes. Use the word love as often as you can today. Love, love, love. Practice loving things you may perceive as unlovable: dog poop on your shoe (someone loves that dog), loud neighbors (they are just enjoying life), yucky tasting food(someone is enjoying it). I think you get the idea.

This weekend I watched a documentary on OWN called Bridegroom. I was deeply touched and it all started with this YouTube video.

No matter what the question or the problem LOVE is always the answer. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below.

With love and aloha,

WARNING: Bliss is about to attack

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iStock_000005490020XSmallAllow yourself to feel bliss attacking you. Imagine being overcome with profound feelings of bliss. Bliss becomes so overwhelming you have no choice but to allow it to fill your heart and your mind.

Fun idea isn’t it? What do you suppose would happen to your life if you walked around with the thought that bliss is haunting you, dogging your every step. No matter what you do you can’t avoid bliss. It slowly and unavoidably becomes your predominate feeling.

Interesting mixture of metaphors. Play with it for a while. See what happens.

Happiness,  joy, abundance and carefree abandon are part of your birthright and are always just a thought away. Play with idea that bliss is stalking you. Imagine that bliss is absolutely unavoidable and watch some of your limiting beliefs fall away.

Change can be as simple as shifting the way you think about something like bliss.

I am currently in Tokyo. I do a lot of private sessions here and always start by asking the person, “How can I help you?” One woman said, “I want to experience enlightenment.”

I told her she already was enlightened and surprise filled her face, then confusion. As we talked her definitions and desires slowly changed. She began to allow herself to feel joy and ease. Suddenly the light came on and she said, “I could use this (changing her definitions and beliefs) to change anything in my life!” I agreed full heartedly. She had really seen the light, she was indeed enlightened (filled with light).

Be prepared to let bliss attack and see what happens.

With love, aloha and bliss following me,


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I have been making videos out of my daily reflections. Hope you enjoy them.

Would you like to see more of them? If you would please let me know in the comments section.

With love and aloha,

Love, light, laughter or fear?

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here comes life

What do you choose on a daily basis?

Sometimes it feels like life dictates how we feel or the news or events around us control our emotions but ultimately it is our choice how we feel.

So what if you practiced allowing yourself to feel:

Vulnerable – and know you are safe

Open to love – and know it is always available

Touched to the core of your being – by the magic of life

Loved – really deeply loved by yourself and the universe

Loving – to all beings

Soft – with no need to protect yourself

Easy – knowing effortless is not far behind


Choice: is it an either or thing? Conscious or habitual?

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How do you decide whether
you will have a good day,
a great day
or an awful day?

At times it sure feels like life just happens and that we have little or no control over it or at least that is the story we tell ourselves. The more often we tell ourselves that we have no control the more thoroughly we believe it. But beliefs have very little to do with reality and everything to do with our filter system.

Are you a victim or the creator?

That can be a very dicey question, especially if you are facing a serous challenge in your life. If you have read any of my writing you will have heard this before: Everything is in our life by invitation or not in our life because we haven’t invited it yet.


Cosmic breadcrumbs

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once upon a timeI was recently talking to someone about the importance of following their inner guidance. She was confused about how to do that so I suggested she follow the cosmic breadcrumbs. Of course the next question was, what are cosmic breadcrumbs?

Cosmic breadcrumbs are different for each of us. Some people see ‘signs’ while others ‘hear messages’ and some people just ‘feel’ or sense something. Cosmic breadcrumbs arise from an alignment with our spirit or our true essence.

How do cosmic breadcrumbs show up in your life?

I learned the hard way to pay attention to the subtle whispers of my spirit, to my intuition. I would get a feeling or start seeing messages or hearing a song and ignore the signs. Then an event would happen in my life and I would think I knew better. I had a feeling that person was lying or that if I parked there my car would get hit. I learned to listen by not listening. (more…)

9 Questions About Happiness ….

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baby 1What have you done in the pursuit of happiness?
What have you denied yourself in the pursuit of happiness?
What role does happiness play in your life?
What makes you happy?
What really brings you joy?
What is  your passion?
What are you really, really passionate about?
What would life be like if you were following your bliss?
What is bliss?

The quality of your life is really dependent upon the questions you ask yourself.  I can guarantee that if you spend some time with these questions you will come to a better understanding of happiness.

Happiness is an inside job

There is nothing external that can bring you happiness. Happiness is creating by what you tell yourself about what is happening. We may think  more money or a wonderful relationship will bring happiness but it won’t unless we create that feeling internally first.

Life is and then we tell ourselves a story about what is. It is the story that really matters. Change your story and your life can change drastically. You can be happy no matter what is happening in your life and in the world around you. Happiness is a choice and when you make it part of your journey instead of a destination what a wonderful life it is!

With love and aloha,

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A Daily Reflection: The wind

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I just started making videos of some of my daily reflections. Here is my latest. Enjoy!

With love and aloha,

Do you want to change?

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fork%2520in%2520the%2520roadWould you like to get different results in your life?

Of course, if we want different results we need to make different choices. Generally when we are getting results we don’t like our choices were fear based. So creating what we want is simply a matter of choosing love.

Love is free of judgment. When we are in judgment of what we’ve created we are firmly in the territory of fear. In order to change we must embrace what is, love it if you will and then make a new choice.

How do we love what we hate?

The key to change is love. We must see our judgment and fear, recognize it for what it is and then love it.

You don’t have enough money, how do you love being broke?
You are overweight, how do you love being obese?
You are lonely, how do you love being alone?
You hate your job, how do you learn to love it?
Your partner is angry and abusive, how do you love them and yourself? (more…)

Does change have to be difficult?


time for change

What about easy and effortless?

Change really is simply a matter of retraining our minds. Make some rock solid choices about what we are going to believe about life, what we really want and allowing it to be so.

I always loved it when Captain Piccard would raise his hand and tell the bridge staff to, “Make it so.” I had a puppy that took many, many reminders that the outdoors not rugs was the place to pee. I reminded her until she agreed. Was it hard, not really. It just took a bit of patience and a lot of reminders.

Dogs, when well trained are wonderful and very loving companions. Change can be easy if we are willing to allow it to be. We can begin to habitually create what we do want on a daily basis instead of more of the same old same old that we don’t want.

Your brain is plastic

It’s not made of plastic but it is plastic as in it is highly transformable. We aren’t hard wired, even as adults we can retrain our thinking. Some studies have even shown that people can rewire their ability to walk and talk after massive strokes.

I look at our thoughts as being either conscious choices or habitual thoughts. Today you will think approximately 50,000 thoughts and 95% of those thoughts will be the same thoughts you thought yesterday. Lots of habitual thoughts. Heck just a LOT of thinking go on that isn’t really thinking. It is a lot of repetition of thoughts that have been around since you were a little kid. Time for a change of station perhaps?

So how do you retrain your mind, easily?

I have found that the more senses we involve the easier change becomes.  When we were young we were immersed in our senses, we felt a whole lot more than we thought. That was why we it was so easy to create our filter system.

Affirmations are very powerful agents of change, if we really feel what we are saying. Clearly picturing what we do want and feeling ourselves already having it works well to. Changing our point of creation from our mind to our spirit allows us to release out limiting thinking and realign ourselves with our limitless nature.

You really are limitless you know, unless you believe your mind’s version of reality. The fear based one. When you align with your spirit you know life is a fun adventure where you get to play with energy and can use that energy to have wonderful adventures. Those are three really wonderful ways to make change easy.

Meditation is a fourth powerful tool of transformation. Poke around my website. There are lots of free resources that will help you with all four modalities.

I have two powerful programs that will help you transform your life

This is the advertising part of the post least you have any doubts ….

I am re-launching my Art of Allowing program. It is specifically designed to make change easy; to capitalize on your brain’s inherent ability to change. Begin make BIG changes in your life right now. Watch for an announcement in the next day or two for a holiday special on this special program.

I am accepting 6 people into my transformational mentoring program. There are only 4 spots left.  Click her to watch a video that explains it all.

With love and aloha,

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