Excited Litte Girl I remember playing the game ‘telephone’ as a child. We’d sit in a circle and one person would begin by whispering a story into the next person’s ear. The story would slow travel around the circle.

The last person would share the story with the group and then the first person would tell us what they actually said. We would all laugh about how much the stories had changed. It was an innocent party game, no harm was done.

Gossip, cyber bullying or failing to check our personal stories at the door often are far from harmless. Children have killed themselves because of the pain caused by bullying. All of the misery we experience in our lives has the same cause regardless of the events. The real cause of all suffering is separation from love, from our spirit and from divinity.

Life is and then we tell ourselves a story. We make our choices and react to life based on that story. If that story is one of fear happiness, joy and abundance are excluded from the equation.

What if love became our guiding force?

There is so much fear in this world. Just for today focus on what you love. Even if it is little things like I love the sun or the color blue. I love Pumpkin Spice Lattes, yummy yummy Lattes. Use the word love as often as you can today. Love, love, love. Practice loving things you may perceive as unlovable: dog poop on your shoe (someone loves that dog), loud neighbors (they are just enjoying life), yucky tasting food(someone is enjoying it). I think you get the idea.

This weekend I watched a documentary on OWN called Bridegroom. I was deeply touched and it all started with this YouTube video.

No matter what the question or the problem LOVE is always the answer. I’d love to hear your thoughts and feelings in the comment section below.

With love and aloha,

Love, light, laughter or fear?

here comes life

What do you choose on a daily basis?

Sometimes it feels like life dictates how we feel or the news or events around us control our emotions but ultimately it is our choice how we feel.

So what if you practiced allowing yourself to feel:

Vulnerable – and know you are safe

Open to love – and know it is always available

Touched to the core of your being – by the magic of life

Loved – really deeply loved by yourself and the universe

Loving – to all beings

Soft – with no need to protect yourself

Easy – knowing effortless is not far behind

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Choice: is it an either or thing? Conscious or habitual?


How do you decide whether
you will have a good day,
a great day
or an awful day?

At times it sure feels like life just happens and that we have little or no control over it or at least that is the story we tell ourselves. The more often we tell ourselves that we have no control the more thoroughly we believe it. But beliefs have very little to do with reality and everything to do with our filter system.

Are you a victim or the creator?

That can be a very dicey question, especially if you are facing a serous challenge in your life. If you have read any of my writing you will have heard this before: Everything is in our life by invitation or not in our life because we haven’t invited it yet.

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