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What an amazing experience


susan and the lilacsI just got back from a week long retreat in Sedona. In a word wow. The retreat was focused on opening the heart to love and we sure did!

For me one of the best part was the lilacs were in bloom and of course the amazing people that came to the retreat. Lilacs are my all time favorite flowers and it has been thirty-two years since I smelled them.

We also built an amazing labyrinth as a gift to the retreat center. In the process we moved tons of rocks. I took some images of people walking the labyrinth which I find magical.


Creating magic in your life

How do you have such a magical experience in your own life, while sitting at home? It really is possible and relatively easy. I focused on creating loving, nurturing experiences for everyone everyday. I focused on love and that is what people experienced. So, in your life make loving yourself your primary focus.

  1. Love yourself – that means taking care of yourself, being gentle, being kind and remembering how awesome you really are.
  2. Do at least one nurturing thing a day
  3. The most resisted but most powerful exercise I know – look at yourself in the mirror, directly into your eyes and say I love you.  Do it daily until you really believe it and then continue doing it!
  4. Just be nice and focus on love.

So, what do you want or need in  your life?  Want help creating a retreat of your own in your own home? Drop me a comment and let me know how I can help you. With love, happiness and joy, Susan

Tick tock . . . time sure flies


clock on fireEver feel like you can’t possible get everything done?

Feel like time is running out? Or at least leaking out somewhere. Your to do list never seems to get totally to-done.

Do your to do lists seem to get longer and longer?

Never fear Time Extender is here! Recently I offered Doubt Be Gone to subscribers of my Daily Reflections. I have received hundred of emails telling me how effective it was. (You’ll have to subscribe to my free daily reflections to get your own free copy and wait for the message to eventually arrive. Yes, this is sort of a joke but read on there are some very useful suggestions)

Time Extender is very simple to use, apply it liberally to your life whenever you are feeling rushed or overwhelmed. By the time you get to step 7 all will be well.

Step 1 Take a long, slow deep breath
Step 2 Look lovingly at yourself in the mirror and relax
Step 3 Remember you are perfect just the way you are
Step 4 Remind yourself that your life is filled with ease
Step 5 Take another deep breath and remember tomorrow is another day
Step 6 There is no need to get upset, this too shall pass
Step 7 Refer to your list of three small things

Hope you have an amazing weekend and enjoy each and every moment, now and always.

Love to see your suggestions for working with time and to do lists in the comment section. (Or just a note saying you enjoyed the humor)

With love, joy and aloha,

3 simple things that make a huge difference


Do it nowMaking changes in life requires us to take consistent action. One of the things that frequently stops us from taking action is PROCRASTINATION.

Luckily there is a simple cure for procrastination. All is takes is 3 small things.

Make a list

One of my mentors helped me overcome procrastination because he knew if I didn’t do that little else would matter. Once I overcame procrastination it was amazing how much my life changed.

So here is the formula:

  1. Each day make a list of three easily accomplished tasks. If necessary divide larger tasks into smaller, manageable ones.
  2. Make sure  you do everything on your list before you go to bed.
  3. At the end of the day acknowledge yourself for doing all of your tasks.

If you find yourself carrying things over to the next day review step 1. When you write something down on the list you must intend to accomplish it and it must be small and easily doable.

This is a formula to overcome the habit of procrastination. After you practice your list of three things for a while you will be better able to get clear about what you want to get done and actually do it!

If you want to get on a plane to go somewhere you don’t drive to the train station you drive to the airport.

Once you handle procrastination life is a lot easier

Want to feel loved?

Be more successful?

Know how awesome you really are?

Create a job you love?

Simply make a list of three things to do each day and one by one you can  cross these things off your to-do list. Whenever I find myself overwhelmed by my to-do list I go back to my list of three things and before I know it my list is completed.

What actions are you going to take on a regular basis? I’d love to have you share your list in the comment section.

With love and joy,

What does 2014 have in store for you?

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by Susan Gregg
Fireworks cluster

I always love new beginnings, new journals or a new year. Seems like it is an opportunity to ‘get things right.’ But then every moment can be a new beginning and once we embrace that idea life can become amazing.

So a more accurate question is: What do you have in store for 2014?

We either think habitually or consciously. Our habitual thoughts create more of the same old same old. When we think and choose consciously we can live the life of our dreams. It is our birthright to be happy, joyous and free but then again that seems a little like lecturing or preaching. I want this post to be about you having an awesome 2014.

So what will you create in 2014?

Imagine it is twelve months from now and you are looking back over the year. What do you want to see? Will you have success and created happiness beyond your wildest dreams? Or will you have regrets that you didn’t wrestle every ounce of fun out of the year and embrace every wonderful opportunity?

99 people out of a 100 will just keep doing the same old same old expecting change to some how magically happen but that one person out of hundred will decide that they are committed to change and then decide how to successfully make that change in  their reality.

Choices and outcomes

Change is as simple as making different choices but consistently making new choices is the challenge and takes courage. Our old habitual thinking tells us that is a new choice when really it isn’t.  That is why having a support system is so useful. Invite some of your friends to join you. Get together once a month, talk about your goals, log your progress and celebrate your successes.

On Monday, December 30 join me for a free webinar and jump start the process of setting your goals for 2014.  I will talk about goal setting and share a bunch of tools and suggestions to make sure 2014 is the best year yet!

With best wishes for you and your in 2014,

Do you want to be happy? Feel loved?


alice popkorn on retreatThere are so many different worlds on this glorious planet. There are worlds where you feel safe and loved. There are worlds filled with beauty and wonder. There are poets, authors, artist, lovers, comedians and there are terrorist training camps, there are worlds that are dependent on drugs, there is abject poverty as well as worlds of luxury and wealth. The list is endless.

The big question is: what world do you want to live in?

We do create our reality. If we focus on limitations we experience limitations. If we align ourselves with our limitless nature we  experience an expansive and amazing love based universe where anything is possible.

Imagine living in a world where you felt totally loved, happy, safe, supported and nurtured, had all the money you ever needed, had a wonderful home, supportive friends and work that you loved.

I assume that you would prefer to live in that limitless universe rather than one filled with fear and limitations.

So how do you align with your limitless nature?

It is really simple to connect with your limitless self, it just takes a bit of practice, some discipline and dedication. First you focus on believing you are the energy that gives life to your body and that that energy is limitless. Next, set your intent (a fancy way of saying you decide very clearly) to connect with that limitless self, your spirit.

The easiest way to connect with your essence is by using your breath. Just take a long,slow deep breath and relax into your spirit. Remind yourself often that you are limitless. Breathe in your limitless nature and let go of any fear or beliefs in limitations.

Live in the world created by your spirit and let go of the world fear creates. Happily ever after can become your reality. If you have any questions about how to connect or have stories you’d like to share about feeling that connection please feel free to share in the comment section.

With love and aloha,

photo by Alice Popcorn

Wanting and the present moment

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image newsletter

I feel great when I think about what I want. When I do so, I also feel like I have lost touch with the present moment and my surroundings. Is thinking about what we want a form of denying the present moment/life and not fully accepting what already is?

I received this question the other day from Nicole and was pretty sure she wasn’t the only one to have it.

My answer is yes and no. It really depends on us. The present moment can us be savoring the miraculous nature of being alive and being fully present in the moment or it can be us musing about what we want and rehearsing how wonderful it will be once we have it.  It can also be us just thinking about _______ you fill in the blank.

The present moment is the only opportunity we have to change or for that matter do anything. This moment is the only one that exists and how we use it is up to us.

Most of us spend our lives thinking about life instead enjoying the gift of living it moment by moment.

The gift of the present moment

It is really very simple to be in the moment. Focus on your breathing, smile and feel the gift of life coursing through your body. Feel your aliveness, fill your heart with love and then follow the cosmic breadcrumbs. Give thanks for the things that you want as if you already have them and then go back to focusing on your breathing and lean into the moment.

Thanks for the question Nicole. If you have a question leave a comment or send me an email. I love answering questions.

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With love and aloha,

The meaning of aloha

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With love and aloha,

Ripples in life

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With love and aloha,

Who am I and what do I want more of

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