Meditation Made Easy

Whatever the question: Meditation is the answer

Whenever I work with someone I suggest they create bookends, something they do every morning and every night to remind themselves that life is a journey of love. I suggest one of the bookends is meditation.

I have taught people how to meditate for almost 30 years and have watched people make it so much harder than it needs to be. They say they are going to meditate and then they put it off. They say I don’t have the time. I have found in my own life I don’t have the time NOT to meditate!

Here is a very simple guided meditation that will show you how to meditate. Listen to it and then allow the magic of meditation unfold in your life.

Click here to listen…


With love,

Here are some more guided meditations.

Yesterday was my birthday

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Having What You Want, Now.

It will show you how to:
Be clear about what you do want
Manifest you deepest dreams while you learn to dream big
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Go from wanting to having
The sky is the limit.
Love, money, time, a career you love, an amazing home.

Join me while you remember the magical being you are.

Happy Birthday to me and you!

With love and aloha,

Spiritual Practices Take Practice: Meditation

I always tell my students to create bookends. Something they do every morning and every night to facilitate their spiritual practices. I think the most powerful and the easiest is meditation, especially guided meditations. With guided meditations all you have to do is listen!

Plant a seed and watch it grow

I saw this video on CNN world here in Tokyo and thought about guided mediations and spiritual growth. Watch it and then plant thoughts of love in your heart and your mind.

With love,

Letting go of the past and loving it all

Latvia 2010 036Our past can define us in a limiting way or set us free. The choice is ours.

Many times when I work with individuals the story of their childhood or past experiences have trapped them in an endless loop of creating the same thing over and over again. The key players may be different and the details of the story but ultimately the person winds up feeling the same way. They get to hold onto an old, limiting perspective – a belief they have successfully reaffirmed for years. After all they have the proof that the belief is true. They can point to their life and say ‘see’ I never get what I want or they never will understand, I’m not good enough or hundreds of other stories.

Life is and then we tell ourselves a story about what is and thus create our experience. What if we decide to tell ourselves a different story about the past? What if we decide our stories based on what they will create rather than based on what we believe about the past?

There is a big difference between knowing and feeling

Okay, so you begin to change your thinking. You know you are perfect. You know you can create what you want and very little changes. You know it but you don’t feel it in your gut. Until you feel it very little will change.

The world is a vast energy system so change is really about shifting our energy. A wonderful tool to help you do that is practicing what I call taking an inner journey. When we go inside to experience what is going on there are three levels of awareness: thoughts, emotions and feelings. Thoughts are thoughts, emotions are things like mad, sad, happy, glad, angry and love. Feelings are the sensations we feel in our body. Emotions can create feelings and often we mistakenly label feelings as emotions.

Beginning to decipher the language of feelings, understanding the language of energy makes an incredible difference in our life. You can begin to hear the language of your spirit, your heart, love or energy by focusing your attention on your five senses. Feeling through your five senses will help you feel rather than thinking about life.

Here is a short meditation that will help you focus on your five senses, relax and begin to feel the energy that always surrounds us and is the essence of who and what we really are.

Click here to listen…

Once you can feel the real you letting go is easy

People can struggle for years letting go of the past. Thinking they have to forgive people, process, write, scream, yell and then finally let go. I know I did but then I connected with my essence, with my spirit and I was able to be in the moment and see the past from a totally new perspective. Try it and see what happens. Set your intent to see life through the eyes of your spirit and watch your perspective change in amazing ways!

With love and aloha,

PS. If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments. I welcome them and send you my love.

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