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Whatever the question: Meditation is the answer

spiritual teacehrWhenever I work with someone I suggest they create bookends, something they do every morning and every night to remind themselves that life is a journey of love. I suggest one of the bookends is meditation.

I have taught people how to meditate for almost 30 years and have watched people make it so much harder than it needs to be. They say they are going to meditate and then they put it off. They say I don’t have the time. I have found in my own life I don’t have the time NOT to meditate!

Here is a very simple guided meditation that will show you how to meditate. Listen to it and then allow the magic of meditation unfold in your life.

Click here to listen…


With love,

Here are some more guided meditations.

Developing an easy and fun meditation practice

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woman meditating at sunset on the Caribbean beachMeditation is a powerful gift. Once you develop a regular practice you will be amazed at how your life changes. At first it will be small things like you sleep better or you find yourself easily handling situations that in the past caused a great deal of stress.

Some people report quitting  smoking effortlessly after many years of unsuccessful attempts. I  have been meditating for over 30 years and I could write a book about all the wonderful things that have happened as a results of taking 15 to 20 minutes a day to meditate.

An easy way to meditate

This simple 3 step process works. As with anything the more you practice the easier it gets.

  1. Find a comfortable place to sit with your back straight. Take a few long, slow deep breaths and focus your attention on relaxing and quieting your body.
  2. Allow your thoughts to fade into the background and keep bringing your attention back to your breathing. Sometimes I imagine my thoughts written on the surface of some water and run my hand through them, watching them blur and then disappear.
  3. Imagine opening a doorway that leads directly into your heart or spirit,open it, walk in and allow yourself to bask in the love.

I find it helps to have a clock near by that I can easily see. When your fifteen or twenty minutes are up take a few minutes to ‘awaken’ and then ease back into your like.

Enjoy! In my next post I will share a short audio that will help jump start your meditation practice. If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comment section.

With love,

You might  also want to check out my guided meditations.

5 Reasons Meditation Really Matters


water with sunlightMeditation is the greatest gift you can give yourself. It can be very easy and it can become an integral part of your life. When it does amazing things happen.

So Why Bother Meditating?

5 Physical Reasons:

  1. You’ll feel better
  2. Releases stress
  3. Fall asleep quicker
  4. Addictions fall away
  5. Look younger

5 Mental Reasons:

  1. Think clearer
  2. Improve memory
  3. Create new neural networks
  4. Feel an increased sense of inner peace
  5. Begin to use more of your brain

5 Spiritual Reasons:

  1. Deepen your connection to your spirit
  2. Connect with the divine (However you define that)
  3. Expand your ability to love
  4. Be more compassionate
  5. Know you are one with everyone and everything

In the next post I will show you an easy way to meditate. In the meantime you can check out some of my guided meditations.

Until next time ….

With love and aloha,

Guided Meditations and Visualization – Monthly Meditation Re-Opens

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In this video I talk about how we can use altered states of consciousness to make real changes in our lives.

Using the power of guided visualization, you alter the way you respond to events in your life by practicing in your mind beforehand.

Guided meditations help us practice visualization and the better we get at visualization the more effective it is in helping us change our brains and, ultimately, our lives.

I know you have probably heard it a million times by now that meditation is good for you, etc. Etc., and maybe you’ve wanted to learn how but thought it was too time-consuming, or difficult because you thought you couldn’t visualize.

Here’s the thing: everyone can visualize. Even if you feel you’re no good at it; even if you tell me you think you “couldn’t visualize yourself out of a wet paper bag” I say pshaw. :D

The truth is, you CAN do it. In fact, the very act of attempting to visualize actually switches on areas of your brain that were dark and unused before you made the attempt. Over time, as you continue to practice, you will find that no matter how bad you thought you were at it, you become very competent. Eventually you’ll find it hard to believe you ever doubted yourself even the least little bit.

So watch the video and try it for yourself. See how it works and let me know in the comments how you did and whether it brought up any questions for you. I’d love too hear how it went!

And in the mean time, I’m very excited to tell you that I’ve re-opened the Monthly Guided Meditation series and it will now stay open for good.

I’ve gotten wonderful feedback from the first subscribers who got started a few weeks ago too and I’d like to share a couple of their comments:

“… I am a single working mom of a teenage boy. This week, I have been juggling work, jury duty and…[a lot more]…so amid all that is going on in my world, your meditations are something I am dearly looking forward to. I am so grateful that I was able to be counted in the initial group at such an affordable cost.

Your daily reflections are such a main-stay for me and most definitely are food for my soul.”


“I enjoyed [the meditations] quite a bit, especially the sunflower one. My goal is to truly do this every day, I’ve known intellectually for years that meditation is helpful but the “just do it” hasn’t happened. I’m looking forward to some peace and pleasant feelings…”


“I have been doing this work for 2 1/2 years now, mostly on my own. Last weekend was a particularly dark time for me and your meditations and the Art of Allowing videos helped me a lot. Thank you so much for getting it to me.”

Additionally, the introductory price for the Monthly Guided Meditations will still be good for another week or so.

If you think you’d like to give it a try, I really encourage you to see how they work for you. I’ve made the first month an extremely good deal with extra meditations and a great ebook to help you get even more out of the monthly series—all part of the first month’s price.

Check out the Monthly Guided Meditations and see if this special program is for you…

With much love and aloha,

Spiritual Practices Take Practice: Meditation

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I always tell my students to create bookends. Something they do every morning and every night to facilitate their spiritual practices. I think the most powerful and the easiest is meditation, especially guided meditations. With guided meditations all you have to do is listen!

Plant a seed and watch it grow

I saw this video on CNN world here in Tokyo and thought about guided mediations and spiritual growth. Watch it and then plant thoughts of love in your heart and your mind.

With love,

Some More Tools for Returning to Your Limitless Nature

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It is really important to remember the facts, contrary to your beliefs or your experience of life so far:

  1. You are limitless
  2. You are perfect
  3. You have the power to do anything
  4. You can create what you want when you want
  5. Anything is possible
  6. If you believe it you can do it
  7. You have the power
  8. You are totally limitless by nature

I just want to remind you again because chances are your filter system has helped you create a very different experience of reality. It is time for you to allow your true nature to surface and create your experience of reality from that loving, expansive limitless place. So how do you get there?

Guided Meditations: another powerful tool of change

Meditation in any form is an incredibly powerful tool of transformation. Guided meditations are another form of meditation. Meditation allows our limitless nature to bob to the surface, remember it takes effort to believe and experience limitations. You are limitless by nature. So making meditation a daily part of your routine will make a big difference in your life.

Guided meditations help to distract your filter system and your habitual thinking long enough for you to experience the real version of reality. There are probably millions of guided meditations available out there. I have a number of free ones on my web site and shortly there will be a lot more. The nice part about guided meditations is, the words also take you on a journey—a journey that can deepen your connection with your limitless spirit.

Looking ahead: The book I had the most fun writing was The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Short Meditations. It contains 60+ meditations that you can use to let go of your filter system. The book has been out of print for some time, but I have some good news brewing on that front and will say more about it soon.

Listening to Some Quiet, Soothing Music

Another way to quiet your mind long enough to feel your limitless nature is to listen to soft, soothing music. I find flute music very soothing … find your favorite music, focus your attention on it, relax and connect with the ‘real’ you. Let your mind chatter on, ignore what it is saying and tune in to the music.

Looking ahead: I have been experimenting with binaural beats in some of my guided meditations and they add an interesting depth to music and to the meditation. You’ll be hearing more about this soon too, so stay tuned. ;)

In the Short Term…

I’ve put together a little bundle of tools to help you out this summer. It includes the music CD I created with Devakant and my audio program on meditation plus some other helpful extras. The special bundle is only available for 3 days starting today…

Summer Music and Meditation Special

With love and aloha,

Letting go of the past and loving it all

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Latvia 2010 036Our past can define us in a limiting way or set us free. The choice is ours.

Many times when I work with individuals the story of their childhood or past experiences have trapped them in an endless loop of creating the same thing over and over again. The key players may be different and the details of the story but ultimately the person winds up feeling the same way. They get to hold onto an old, limiting perspective – a belief they have successfully reaffirmed for years. After all they have the proof that the belief is true. They can point to their life and say ‘see’ I never get what I want or they never will understand, I’m not good enough or hundreds of other stories.

Life is and then we tell ourselves a story about what is and thus create our experience. What if we decide to tell ourselves a different story about the past? What if we decide our stories based on what they will create rather than based on what we believe about the past?

There is a big difference between knowing and feeling

Okay, so you begin to change your thinking. You know you are perfect. You know you can create what you want and very little changes. You know it but you don’t feel it in your gut. Until you feel it very little will change.

The world is a vast energy system so change is really about shifting our energy. A wonderful tool to help you do that is practicing what I call taking an inner journey. When we go inside to experience what is going on there are three levels of awareness: thoughts, emotions and feelings. Thoughts are thoughts, emotions are things like mad, sad, happy, glad, angry and love. Feelings are the sensations we feel in our body. Emotions can create feelings and often we mistakenly label feelings as emotions.

Beginning to decipher the language of feelings, understanding the language of energy makes an incredible difference in our life. You can begin to hear the language of your spirit, your heart, love or energy by focusing your attention on your five senses. Feeling through your five senses will help you feel rather than thinking about life.

Here is a short meditation that will help you focus on your five senses, relax and begin to feel the energy that always surrounds us and is the essence of who and what we really are.

Click here to listen…

Once you can feel the real you letting go is easy

People can struggle for years letting go of the past. Thinking they have to forgive people, process, write, scream, yell and then finally let go. I know I did but then I connected with my essence, with my spirit and I was able to be in the moment and see the past from a totally new perspective. Try it and see what happens. Set your intent to see life through the eyes of your spirit and watch your perspective change in amazing ways!

With love and aloha,

PS. If you have any questions feel free to post them in the comments. I welcome them and send you my love.

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Does Anyone Really Believe We Can Create Peace With Violence?


I talk a great deal about emotional neutrality and the perfection of everything. I know every event is perfect and that doesn’t mean that at times I don’t have strong reactions, judgments and profound wonderment at our choices as a species. This week I had one of those moments.

Celebrating Osama bin Laden’s death

people celebrating bin ladenNo man chooses evil because it is evil; he only mistakes it for happiness, the good he seeks.
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

I watched the images of people celebrating the killing of Osama Bin Laden and was deeply saddened. It is that very behavior that helps nurture the creation of terrorists. Hatred and judgment creates the perception of the need to retaliate.

Do people really not see the inevitability of al-Qaeda getting even? As with Hitler, I wonder about the beliefs, agreements and assumptions that created these men. I hope some day we will be willing to look at our collective filter system with a willingness to see it and modify it.


The scorpion and the turtle


A Teaching Story

I have heard many variations of this story. I love teaching stories. Each time we read them we can glean another piece of wisdom from them, kind of like life when we are paying attention.

japan 2010 072One day turtle was sitting by the edge of the pond getting ready to swim across. Scorpion came over and asked turtle for a ride.

Turtle looked at scorpion and said, “Why would I ever give you a ride. You would certainly sting me and I would surely die.”

“Why would I sting you when you were doing me the kindness of giving me a ride? Besides, I would drown and die too if I stung you.” (more…)

Rituals and Ceremony as Transformational Tools

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peru4 705Rituals and ceremonies are incredibly powerful tools that can enhance the quality of our lives. Many cultures still have elaborate rituals to celebrate milestones in a person’s life. In our society, we often celebrate events, but we forget to embrace the magic that rituals can bring to the celebrations.

A ritual has only as much power as we give it. Even the most beautiful ceremony can become meaningless if we do it mindlessly, without giving it our full attention, or without imbuing it with the power of our spirit and our belief. When we perform a ritual and we are receptive, willing and attentive to the process, miracles can happen. How different a celebration becomes when it is also a sacred event!


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