Guided Meditations

Daily meditation is one of the most powerful—and one of the easiest—ways to make big changes in your life. My Guided Meditations will help you develop your meditation ‘habit’ so you can create joy, inner peace and ease, even in the midst of emotional chaos.

Think of it: A personal meditation teacher, right in your own living room. My meditations will help you see life differently, move beyond your limitations, and learn how to quiet your mind and soothe your soul. And who doesn’t need that?

Menu of Individual Meditations

If you don’t see one you like let me know and I may just make it and add it to the list.

$7 each


Golden Light Meditation: 11 min Go for a magical boat ride to a temple filled with golden light. It is a light of love and peace. The light fills you will an immense energy of unconditional love and acceptance so you feel and understand the perfection that is you. You are given a message that expands your awareness and will bring you peace.




Fountain of Healing: 9 min You wander around a magnificent garden on an absolutely perfect day. You meet a loving being of light. She helps you feel safe, loved and nurtured. She leads you into a fountain, a fountain of love and healing. It allows you to let go of the past, heal your body, release pain and feel a sense of oneness. You get a glimpse into a glorious future that is yours for the asking and you deepen your connection to your spirit and the creative force of the universe.



Hot Air Balloon: 8.5 min In this meditation you get to meet a charming little creature who helps you let go of the past and then he gives you a wonderful message that helps you feel loved, safe and nurtured.





A Brand New Day As you watch the sunrise you connect with the moment. You begin to see the endless possibilities the moment holds. The question: “How can I see this through the eyes of love?” becomes part of the background noise of your mind, deepening your ability to create what you want when you want it.





Binaural Beat Meditations – $9 Clearing Your Chakras and Energy Body: 16 min Your body is a vast energy system. Old experiences, beliefs, habitual thoughts can be easily cleared and we can see life in a more loving and clearer manner. In this meditation you will let go of anything that no longer serves you and step more fully into the present moment. With the addition of binaural beats that help induce relaxation, meditation, creativity and more expansive mental states you will find yourself feeling relaxed and refreshed after this meditation.


You will need to listen to this meditation with headphones to get the full effect.

wishing-well.jpgWant to really build your practice?

I have created an easy and effortless way to expand your meditation practice. When my mind is busy listening to a guided meditation helps it gets quiet so I have created my monthly meditation series.

Each month you’ll get two beautiful guided meditations sent right to your inbox. – $12.95/month