Heaven or hell: where do you live most of the time?

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keyIt can be so easy to forget that it really is up to us where we live and how we are feeling. Life is and then we tell ourselves a story. The story we tell ourselves dictates whether we live in heaven and feel happy, joyous and free or live in hell feeling miserable.

What! All of our emotions are self inflicted? Yes, indeed they are, not intentionally and often not even consciously. All of our thoughts are either conscious or habitual. It’s the habitual thoughts that will get you every time!

What to be happy for the rest of your life?

That might actually be rather boring. Emotions are fun. When we watch movies and TV because we get to experience a whole range of emotions. If we don’t like the show we can always change the station or go to another movie.  I avoid scary movies but enjoy dramas, love stories, comedies and documentaries. If I don’t like the show I am out of there.

Changing the station in life

Consciously choosing your thoughts takes a bit of practice but it is possible and what a difference it makes in life. What are your thoughts as you read the previous sentence? Is change hard? Are beliefs really engrained and I am not really sure what I want to think instead?

I remember when I first ran across the idea of changing my thoughts. It seemed impossible but thought by thought, moment by moment my thinking changed and so did my life. I starting listening to the voice of my spirit rather than believing and reinforcing my fear-based filter system.

It is simple: embrace love, practice loving yourself, think loving thoughts and focus on gratitude. Love and gratitude will change the station faster than anything else I know of.

Until next time ….

With love,

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