Your personal will can take you far, but when you connect with the power of intent – the will of your spirit that is when true magic and miracles occur.

Intent is often misunderstood. It is a power that wells up from deep inside pushing us toward freedom, happiness and joy. There is also the will of our small self seemingly seeking the same things yet leading us further and further away from true freedom and joy.

The best way to understand intent is to feel it. Once you learn to use intent freedom and joy become a way of life. Play with intent. Notice when you instinctively set your intent and something manifests effortlessly in your life. Observe what happens when you harness the will of your small self. Begin to notice the difference between true intent and will.

Aligning the intent if your small self with the intent of your spirit is an incredibly freeing experience and a wonderful way to live your life. Surrendering can set you free.

With love,