Lost two businesses, my home and then I found myself

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BROKEN DOWN HOMEI began my spiritual journey almost 30 years ago when I lived in Vermont. After my mom was killed in a car accident I was devastated. She was my best friend. Shortly after I became a cocaine addict and an alcoholic. I had two successful businesses and a beautiful home on 6 acres of land but they soon dissolved thanks to my addictions. After feeling like a total failure, being emotionally bankrupt, empty and actively suicidal I decided to get clean and sober. At that point my spiritual journey began in earnest.

I was lucky enough to have a series of wonderful mentors. One of my mentors was a crusty old man called Tony. He willingly imparted much of his wisdom to me. He had me do research on the meaning of principles, I read voraciously and he emphasized the importance of feeling a profound connection to my spirit. I had meditated for years so I redoubled my meditation practices and spirituality became the main focus of my life.

I moved to California and through a series of coincidences I met Don Miguel Ruiz and his mother Sister Sarita. Miguel asked me to become one of his student and I studied with him until he told me to go and teach in my own way.

The mentors I met as a result of my spiritual journey totally changed my vision or version of reality. I moved to Hawaii with a belief, a conviction and with $800. I didn’t know a soul and didn’t have a job. Ten years later I bought a wonderful home and three acres of land on the Big Island of Hawaii. I’ve had 9 books of mine published and travel the world helping people create a life beyond their wildest dreams. I do what I love on a daily basis.

I tell you that not to brag but to remind you that you too can transform your life. You can create whatever you want when you want it. You are a limitless being. All of your limitations arise from your filter system: your beliefs, agreements, assumptions and attitudes.

When I stood in that courtroom in Vermont all those years ago and the judge declared myself and a number of other people bankrupt I thought my life was over. Had someone given me a glimpse of my current life I would have declared it impossible yet here I am. If it weren’t for the wonderful mentors in my life I never would have gotten here. Part of the magic and wonder of my life is that I get to help people do the same thing to their lives.

I was talking to a friend the other day trying to describe what I do and he said you are a listener. I’ve long known that I was a storyteller but now I realize the other half of my gift is the ability to listen. It feels like I listen until I find the thread that holds the person’s limiting story together and then I help them unravel it. My mentors could see my limiting beliefs long before I could.

Do you struggle trying to get your life working?
Is your life all you want it to be?
Are you living the life of your dreams?

This post is one of a series about changing your filter system and creating what you want when you want it so stay tuned …..

I am taking applications for my mentoring program until August 10th. Just answer a few short questions, I’ll send you some information and you may just get a free one hour session with me that may just jump start your process and help you see more clearly what your next step is. As one of my students said,”An hour with Susan is like the icing on a delicious cake.” During this one hour session we can address the most challenging issue in your life and come up with some concrete actions you can take to overcome it. I will also tell you about the mentoring programs I have and see if any of them might be a good fit for you.

I will l be giving away 8 free sessions so click the link and sign up now.

With love and aloha,

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  1. Sandy says:

    You have become one of my inspirational teachers…
    Not even certain how we connected…universal guidance and divine intervention for sure.
    My story is one of teaching and mentoring others, as you can see by taking a look at my web site.
    The biggest challenge for me has been to accept the timing of the divine Creator of all that is…and I know for me right now is not the right time to accept this beautiful gift of your time and wisdom. It is only a matter of timing and we will connect on a deeper level. I had looked at your retreat in Hawaii and thought that would be of interest at some point. …
    Right now I am flowing with all the universal energy I have and life is full of so many blessings….
    Sending you love and light for your work, and the offer of this beautiful gift of opportunity.
    Until we meet, I will continue to be inspired and learn from your wisdom.
    Sending love to you ~

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