Work With Me: Private Coaching

Private Coaching & Spiritual Mentoring

You’ve tried everything: classes, guided meditation, books, but still:
Something’s not working in your life.
Or maybe nothing’s working in your life.
Or maybe you’re in the middle of a deep crisis.

A private session with me can help bring you peace, hope and joy like no other service I offer.

When I work with someone I listen, deeply listen until I find the thread that holds the issue together. When we pull on that thread the issue unravels. Much like a pulling on ‘the’ right thread in a knit sweater. You can unravel the whole sweater and then use the yarn to create something entirely new.

Individual Sessions

You will get the most out of individual sessions with me if:

  • You want to address some core issues
  • You need some clarity about what direction to go
  • You feel stuck and need some spiritual WD-40
  • You are ready to make a change but just aren’t sure how
  • You have tried a lot of things with limited results
  • You just want to improve the quality of your life
  • You are ready for some magic and miracles


60-minute session $125 (regularly $225)

Includes an MP3 so you can go back and listen to the session whenever you need a recharge.

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Apprenticeship Class (Limited Availability)

If group work would be better for you… this class is now open for a few months

This is an ongoing program with an intentionally limited number of members. This allows everyone to receive a great deal of attention and helps create a safe, transformative atmosphere for all. It’s powerful stuff. I only open it up a few times a year.

I would love to welcome you into this warm, friendly and supportive online group and encourage you to apply if it’s currently open and it speaks to you…

Find Out More

Are you searching for a personal spiritual growth teacher who works directly with you on all levels, and who is known for leading individuals to authentic awakening? A personal teacher is the most empowering way to attaining deep self-understanding and freedom from challenging issues. Introducing Susan Gregg.

I know there are many approaches that inform one in spiritual development—many are very old, and now there are many new ones too. These approaches include reading books or listening to audio recordings, watching videos, following an online presentation or attending group spiritual gatherings with a living teacher. Ultimately, as all the ancient spiritual traditions teach and prize, there is the intimate, personal way. This means being personally taught by a private spiritual teacher. The personal spiritual growth teacher is the most time-honored and powerful method for absorbing teachings. You can find it in all the great spiritual traditions as the one way for true, lasting progress. Today, a spiritual teacher may teach philosophy, psychology, metaphysics, psychic cultivation and awakening of higher consciousness. I underwent personal spiritual training for many years under the guidance of Miguel Ruiz and his mother Sarita (and with others, as well). I offer this personal tutoring to my students, and would love to have an introductory conversation with you.

This type of teaching means you are receiving individual guidance through a profound, in-depth, honest look at your present self (in all physical, mental and spiritual states) in relation to the life achievements or spiritual awakenings or unfoldment you’re looking for. I have privately worked with many different people, of all ages, from a rainbow range of careers and lifestyles. I draw tremendously on my personal experience and the sum of wisdom that has come from a long life lived in spiritual growth.