Synchronicities, life and death


IMG_2516A dear friend and student, Red Earth died this morning.

One of those synchronicities, I couldn’t sleep last night so I went up to my office and meditated. At some level I must have heard the phone ring. Her family had called saying she was struggling, her breath was ragged and asked for my help. At almost the same time I awoke and immediately went into a mediation and sent her love, lots and lots of love.

I know she is free of pain now and dancing amongst the stars. As my Hawaiian kumu says, death is merely a change of address and we always leave a forwarding address. The living just sometimes forget that and feel a great sense of loss.

While we were in Peru I had her record some of her favorite chants. Here is her beautiful voice as captured on my iPhone.

Fly freely my friend.
With love and aloha,

4 Responses to Synchronicities, life and death

  1. Stefanie Butler says:

    Thank you so much for this sharing of Red Earth’s beautiful voice. She was my teacher and friend and I have sung this many times with her and the women in my group. She will always be a part of my song.
    Stefanie Butler

    • Susan says:

      She is part of my song and my journey as well. I am sure her voice is blending beautifully with all those other celestial lights!

      With love and aloha,

  2. Cathy Holcomb-Knowles says:

    I looked on Red Earth as a second mother and was blessed to have her teachings in my life. Thank you for posting her beautiful voice. I am grateful for all her lessons.

    • Susan says:

      She has touched so many people’s lives with her love. What a blessing to have had her in our lives.

      With a great deal of love and aloha,

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