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Like to have more passion in your life?

Would you like to have more money? How about a job you absolutely love?

What about happiness, would you like to feel happy no matter what’s happening in your life?

My teleclasses are created to help you help you transform anything in your life.

After a guided meditation and short discussion I will answers all your questions, so come and ask lots of questions!

If you’re just starting to explore living without limits, my free teleclass will give you the chance to talk to me live, ask questions and learn how to apply some basic principles to your life.

Wednesday, June 25th  at 9:30 PM Eastern Time
As always, the class is free. Though if you’d like to
buy the replay of the class, it is available for $9.95.

Having a Spiritual Awakening
So what? Susan will talk about how having a spiritual awakening changes everything for the good.

As always we will start with a guided meditation.



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You can also get the phone number if you’d prefer to talk to me live
or tune in via the web, either way this class will help you change your life.

I love being a spiritual mentor and answering people’s questions. I truly want to help you experience the freedom and joy I have found following these powerful Toltec teachings. Sometimes a simple adjustment in our thinking can change our entire life.

In the early 80s I moved to California. I was interested in learning more about spiritual healing. Through a series of ‘coincidences’ within a few weeks of moving to San Diego I was taken to the barrio to meet a woman who was known as a powerful spiritual healer. Her name was Sister Sarita and I had no idea that meeting would totally transform my entire life.

During the class a short Mexican man came over to me and asked me to be his student. To my surprise I said yes and that Saturday night I found myself returning to the converted Laundromat to attend classes in Spanish. I didn’t understand the language. The man’s name was Don Miguel Ruiz and I studied with Miguel and his mother for a number of years until one day he told me he had taught me all he knew. He performed a ceremony and told me to go and teach in my own way. I was shocked when he told me I was done, but I have honored his request and I have spent the last 20 years sharing his love, wisdom and the marvelous tools of the Toltec tradition with others.

In the spirit of his request I have decided to offer free monthly teleclasses and to give people the opportunity to talk to me live, ask questions and learn how to apply some basic principles to their lives. By doing so, you can create a life beyond your wildest imaginings. I know I did.

I love answering people’s questions and really enjoy the live interaction. I look forward to talking with you and helping you experience the freedom and joy I have found following these powerful teachings. Sometimes a simple adjustment in your thinking can change your entire life.

I hope you come and spend an magical hour with me, an hour that can truly change your life. It is free, it isn’t a sales call for an upcoming class. It is an hour for you to ask questions and learn to see life from your limitless perspective.

With love,

Early in my apprenticeship I once told one of the advanced students, a woman called Leslie, “This stuff seems like brainwashing.” She literally replied, “Your brain needs washing.” Come and get your brained washed, learn how to let go of your limiting beliefs and begin to create the life of your dreams.

A Journey of Profound Transformation

The Toltec Apprentice Class

This class is now closed. It will be reopened in January, 2014.

If you were wandering around in a dark room bumping into things, wouldn’t it be great to have a friend show you how to flip the light on? In this teleclass, I’ll be there for you as your personal guide.

This teleclass creates the same loving environment I experienced during my own Toltec apprenticeship, as well as in the groups and workshops I’ve led through the years. It’s perfect for people who want a deeper group experience, but can’t there in person.

Here’s why it works:

When we work with a group and tell others about our goals and plans, it sets in motion a wave of action that makes change far more likely. This class gives you the space to make those commitments to others in a safe, private group filled with loving and generous people who are, like you, also on the path to joy and peace.

This time, you’ll create lasting change

This class is intimate—and powerful. I only accept 10-12 students per session, and because I want the group to work together from the start, I don’t offer rolling admissions. Spaces are available—but limited—right now for this dynamic group.

Class Schedule & Details

The class is held every Sunday evening at 9:30 pm EST. The calls follow a similar structure each week:

  • Short check-in
  • Guided meditation
  • Group sharing of experiences
  • Lesson from me
  • Questions and answers

Outside of class, you’ll be a part of the vibrant and active e-group of your classmates. Every week, I’ll give you powerful exercises that will help speed up your progress.

The investment

The investment for this course is just $150 a month. This includes a class each Sunday night, the exercises, the e-group, and the recordings.


What students are saying:

“I am grateful for all the material that you share…what really touches me is all the love and tenderness I feel.”

Christel, France