WARNING: Bliss is about to attack

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iStock_000005490020XSmallAllow yourself to feel bliss attacking you. Imagine being overcome with profound feelings of bliss. Bliss becomes so overwhelming you have no choice but to allow it to fill your heart and your mind.

Fun idea isn’t it? What do you suppose would happen to your life if you walked around with the thought that bliss is haunting you, dogging your every step. No matter what you do you can’t avoid bliss. It slowly and unavoidably becomes your predominate feeling.

Interesting mixture of metaphors. Play with it for a while. See what happens.

Happiness,  joy, abundance and carefree abandon are part of your birthright and are always just a thought away. Play with idea that bliss is stalking you. Imagine that bliss is absolutely unavoidable and watch some of your limiting beliefs fall away.

Change can be as simple as shifting the way you think about something like bliss.

I am currently in Tokyo. I do a lot of private sessions here and always start by asking the person, “How can I help you?” One woman said, “I want to experience enlightenment.”

I told her she already was enlightened and surprise filled her face, then confusion. As we talked her definitions and desires slowly changed. She began to allow herself to feel joy and ease. Suddenly the light came on and she said, “I could use this (changing her definitions and beliefs) to change anything in my life!” I agreed full heartedly. She had really seen the light, she was indeed enlightened (filled with light).

Be prepared to let bliss attack and see what happens.

With love, aloha and bliss following me,

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