When life gives you lemons

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Positive thinking, yeah right!

lemonadeWhen I first heard the saying, “When life gives you lemons make lemonade” my thoughts weren’t exactly loving, kind or positive. For years now I have taught people the power of accepting life as it is. Not from the perspective of being a victim, “Well this is what is so I may as well accept it” but from the perspective of self empowerment, “This is what is, what can I do with ‘what is’ from the perspective of love, perfection and knowing I am the creator of my reality.”

What a little tweak will do

The Toltec tradition, well any spiritual tradition for that matter, can be used from a fear based perspective or from a loving, expansive perspective. The difference in the results you achieve in life is dramatic.

Life is a vast energy system. Life responds to the energy we project not the words we use. If you are afraid of not having enough money and affirm that money is now flowing to me easily and effortless you will continue to create financial lack. What, you say? But I am affirming abundance.

If you acknowledge your fear, realize your current financial reality was created by that fear and shift your awareness to one of love and self empowerment your reality will change dramatically. If you affirm with fear rumbling in your heart nothing will change. Love allows change to happen.

How do I let go of fear?

Shifting your awareness is the key that unlocks the prison our fears create. We can have a lot of knowledge yet nothing changes. We can connect with our spirit, change that knowledge into wisdom and everything changes. Ironically at times positive thinking alone does nothing but deepen our fear and create a sense of despair.

There was a time I affirmed endlessly, tried to ignore my fear and life kept spiraling out of control. Then I tried affirming and controlling every thought as well as life in general. Neither approach worked very well. Eventually I surrendered, really let go and connected with my spirit. Thinking will never set you free but feeling the loving embrace of your spirit does the trick every time!

Connecting with your spirit

mauna kea ceremony 002Spiritual practices take practice. I suggest you create bookends for your day, something you do every morning and evening to remind you of your intent to deepen that connection.  Meditate on a daily basis, find a group to work with, read, write, go out in nature, watch a video, light a candle, listen to something uplifting, or doing anything else that helps you remember the sacred nature of life. I am so grateful I found don Miguel and his mother Sister Sarita. I continue to remain open to sacred experiences. Yesterday I went to the top of Mauna Kea to do a ceremony. It was very cold, a long drive and WELL worth the time and effort. Spiritual practices do take practice.

Remembering your perfection

When I do private session with people I often remind them of their perfection I remind them that, “After all without you the universe would be incomplete. So that makes you pretty special.” As you expand your awareness to include the paradigm of dominion you begin to easily see the perfection in everything. That certainly makes life and changing your awareness a whole lot easier.

Next time I will talk more about dominion and how that leads to personal freedom. Until next time …..

With love and aloha,

PS. In March 2011 I will be opening up my apprenticeship class for the first time in years. For the next few months you will be able to join this incredible group of spiritual people and work with me personally in much the same way I worked with don Miguel. Thanks to technology you don’t have to leave the house, you just need to pick up a phone.

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