Yesterday was my birthday


IMG_0439[1]The past few years I have hiked to Lake Waiau near the summit of Mauna Kea. It is 13,020 feet (3970 m) above sea level. Climbing at that altitude is challenging to say the least. It is very sacred place to the Hawaiian people and I have always had amazing experiences.

This year was wonderful. I had no conscious plans to go yet at 4AM I found myself getting dressed and driving to the mountain in the pouring rain. I decided to take a different path to hike in. It was very cold 34F (1C) but as the sun rose the warmth was welcome.

So I decided to give a gift to you ….

If you buy either my Art of Allowing Program or my Guided Meditation Series before Monday, September 30th you will receive my upcoming 6 week teleclass FREE. This 6 week class will start in late October. It will include an e book, 6 hour long classes, mp3 downloads and Q&A sessions. The cost will be $129

Having What You Want, Now.

It will show you how to:
Be clear about what you do want
Manifest you deepest dreams while you learn to dream big
Give you tools and techniques you can use for life
Go from wanting to having
The sky is the limit.
Love, money, time, a career you love, an amazing home.

Join me while you remember the magical being you are.

Happy Birthday to me and you!

With love and aloha,

2 Responses to Yesterday was my birthday

  1. sarah mcgrane says:

    hope you had an amazing birthday and i hope there are many more to come!

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