You are divine

You are love, you are loved and  you are lovable.

You swim in a sea of love

Not feeling it yet?

Ready to let go of anger, fear, sadness, disappointment and those feelings of betrayal and frustration?

Want to begin living the life of your dreams?


Psstt…. Here is the secret:

Your birthright is to be happy, joyous and free, to live in abundance with a loving, life partner that totally adores you.

REALLY, all you need to do is to re-member who and what you really are. In the remembering you will see your perfection and the perfection in everything around you. In that moment you will know only love and that love will set you free.

You will be free to

  • release the fears, judgments and self-doubts that hold you back from true intimacy
  • magnetically attract the love your heart desires
  • create a relationship that feeds your soul
  • know true, deep, soul-tingling love

To get started now schedule a complimentary Loving Life chat to explore how you can have more love, joy, happiness in your life.

Working With Me

Want to feel loved? Find the love of your life? Find a career that makes your heart sing. I’d love to show you how to do that with ease..


Susan has created a wonderful sanctuary at her home on the Big Island of Hawaii. Her retreats will show you how to invite magic and miracles into your life and for some you never have to leave home

My Books

Susan’s passion is writing and helping people create an amazing life based on love.

Contact Me

Have a question? Want to explore working with me? Just want to say hello? I’d love to hear from you.

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I learned more from Susan Gregg than I learned in graduate school.

After studying with Susan for several years, and then earning my graduate degree to become a clinical therapist (LCSW), I realize that the knowledge I draw on to help my clients, is knowledge I learned from studying with Susan.  I rarely use the knowledge I learned in graduate school (and I spent $70,000!).

In fact, even now, almost 13 years after studying with Susan, I use and remind my clients about the key components of her teachings such as “Only love is real”, “Life is about choices and consequences”, “Fear is an illusion”, and much more.

I highly recommend Susan Gregg.  She is the best teacher I know!.

There is an ease and a flow to my life that has emerged during my intensive program with Susan. Her loving observations and insightful questioning have deepened my capability to truly accept what is happening in my life. From this—and the suggestions she has offered me—so much has been revealed that I have let go of. I have stepped through a doorway of understanding that I know will remain with me for the rest of my life and am looking forward to what is yet to be revealed. I so enjoy having her as an ally on my journey to wholeness and balance.

Ann Roberts
Conscious Development

My name is Susan Gregg. I am an inspiring adviser and loving guide who has worked with thousands of women and men (of all ages). I have helped them change minor or major facets of themselves, and have guided them into permanent states of contented happiness and a higher self perspective.

A spiritual teacher is akin to a business executive mentor: listening deeply, offering insight and advice that is both universal and at the same time very specific to the student. As a woman, I am naturally attuned to the needs, issues, conditions and perspectives of women who are searching for transforming counsel and practical tools to become the spiritual person they feel they truly are.

A spiritual coach is one who uses insight acquired through being taught by other wisdom teachers, studying closely under them, and through personal trials and successes over time. Please get in touch with me today to start a fruitful conversation.

What people are saying about me: Susan Gregg a leading spiritual teacher, coach, adviser working closely with you in all expressions of life, spirituality, love and attainment. As a Toltec Master and wisdom coach Susan Gregg brings to each person she works with insight, inspiration and empowering tools that catalyze real. permanent change.

Personally I went from feeling unloved, depressed and suicidal to waking up excited about each new day. I was close to be homeless and now I own a wonderful home on the Big Island of Hawaii. If it hadn’t been for my mentors my life wouldn’t be as magical as it is.

I know I can make a big difference in your life. Give yourself that gift today!

Want to talk about working together? See if we are a good fit?  Just click here and we can make that so!

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