By William G Hepner

3_body_language_adjustments_that_will_change_your_lifeThe body never lies” -Martha Graham

The next time you watch a movie, put it on mute. The only stimulus you should be receiving is the movement of the actors.

Notice how your eyes naturally focus on their body movements and positioning. I guarantee you that the storyline and emotion will be just as convincing as if there had been sound.

The impact your body language has is significant.

Body language influences how you appear to everyone else. And more importantly, it influences how you see yourself.

That’s right, how you carry yourself will affect your self-perception. I can attest to this, as I use and implement this body language in my own life.

The internal change is subtle at first. But, after consistent practice with channeling your body like this, you will begin to notice effects it has on you.

You start to feel more powerful, confident, and optimistic when you use strong, confident body language. And this is something that cannot be overlooked.

This power lies within all of us. Why would you waste it?

Whether it’s to raise energy levels, boost confidence, or internalize beliefs, here are 3 body language adjustments that will change your life.

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