three-little-things.jpgI began my spiritual journey in the 1980s. My quest was simple. I wanted to be happy and have an abundance of love, money and friends.  I read, took classes and studied with numerous teachers. I helped other people achieve the life of their dreams, but very little changed in my life until I began doing three simple things EVERY day.

Then, in a matter months, my entire life changed. I was amazed and shocked at how easily change occurred. I had worked so hard and seen little change, and when the floodgates finally burst open, it was spending a half hour a day that ended up making all the difference. That’s not to say the work I did prior wasn’t necessary. It certainly prepared me for the eventual exercises that would have such a profound effect. However, I can absolutely tell you that if I’d had access to and really grasped and used these exercises early on, I think I could have limited the struggle and frustration by a substantial amount.

Mirror Work

This one is non-negotiable. The intent of this exercise is to learn to love yourself unconditionally. If you don’t love yourself, then nothing, let me repeat that, NOTHING will change in your life. Once the basis of your journey is self-love, amazing things will happen.

Twice a day, for just a few moments, stand in front of a mirror, look directly into your eyes and say, “I love you.” The words alone will do little so first you must generate the feeling of love. Think about something that allows you to feel happy; the happier the better. I love animals, so if I think about a cute puppy, or kitten, I always smile. Think about a sunrise or sunset, a beautiful rose, a loved one, a Hot fudge Sunday, or a baby.

Generate that feeling of love and then look into your eyes and say, “I accept you and I love you.” Then feel it. If judgments arise, or what I call, “yeah buts,” deny those thoughts. Remind yourself that they are a lie and then again say, “I love you.” Do this AT LEAST twice a day. I cried like a baby the first time I actually did this.

Connect with Your Spirit

You are not that lump of flesh called a body. You are the energy that gives life to that body. Remind yourself of that often. You are a spiritual being having a physical experience. In a sense you are the breath that gives life to your body. Surrender to the guidance and love of your spirit. Let go and listen. I believe we came here to remember who and what we really and then have fun and enjoy the journey.

Find a way to feel connected to your spirit. You can meditate, journal, go for a walk in nature, pat a dog or hug yourself. There are lots of ways to surrender and connect, find  way that works for you.

Nurture Yourself Daily

Never give of your essence only give of your overflow. We tend to get busy and forget to take care of ourselves. We get burned out, overwhelmed, stressed and just plain worn out.

Make a list of things that feel good, that nurture you and feed your soul. Then do at least one a day. There are so many things you can do. Read a book, mirror work, go for a walk, consciously breathe in love or peace or joy or happiness, get and give hugs, love, eat well, wear your favorite outfit …

Well, you get the idea.

Do these three things daily and your life will transform. I was fortunate to have an awesome man that kept me accountable.

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It often only takes a few suggestions, some new insights and being accountable to shake off the last of those limiting beliefs. If it’s time for you to get serious about making big changes in your life I’d love to help. If you’ve been thinking about experience the magic and wonder life is meant to have that may just be the universe giving you a little nudge. It is time.

With love and aloha,

What are your thoughts about loving yourself unconditionally? Have any questions? Comment away, let’s start a dialog!