d5a7d1ff9678fc62750a77fce360a055 This past week I had the great fortune of spending time with a group of inspirational, strong young women for a health & wellness retreat in Baja, Mexico, hosted by the legendary outdoor apparel company, Eddie Bauer. For four straight days, led by celebrity fitness trainer, Astrid Swan (while being cheered on by global brand Ambassador and world class, professional extreme skier, Lexi Dupont) we took to land, sea and yoga studio to test our limits and learn about better health and wellness, as part of a campaign to support the new launch of the Eddie Bauer ‘Motion’ line – a ready-to-wear fitness line designed for athletes and generally, active, fitness minded people.

Not only did I leave extremely sore – and inspired – but I had a great realization: obviously exercise, when done correctly, is good for the body, and to a lesser extent it’s obvious that it’s good for the mind. However, what struck me most, is that just as each exercise focuses in on different muscles and a different skill set – so to, does it for the mind. That is to say, that of course exercise allows you to ‘reduce your stress’ – virtually all of it does – but it’s the specific way in which each different form of activity can differently improve your mind, and how the benefits can become multiply effective once you actually recognize these differences, that really stood out to me.

So without further ado, here are 4 of my picks to improve both your body & mind.

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