A number of years ago I was working with a woman who was a writer and had a wonderful imagination. I suggested she bring her fairy godmother with her as she embarked on a daunting task.

She did and everything went smoothly for her, after many prior failed attempts I might add.

I’ve been wanting to reach out to you and have struggled with how to begin and what to say.

Then I thought of the fairy godmother and decided to let her talk to you through me.

She tends to think of us all as her children so please don’t be offended by her referring to you as a child.

“Welcome my beloved children. What an honor to be able to talk to you and remind you of all the magic and wonder life holds.

“I know it is easy to get so caught up in life that you forget. You forget that you are magical and you can create whatever you want when you want.

“It really is simple. You just have to change the word want into have and remember you are the creator of your reality.

“It is time to allow love to be your guiding force. I know when you look at the world you can think you see fear and even perceive evil but remember evil is just live backwards. Let yourself live in love. Live rather than submit to fear.

“What is it you want more of in your life? You do have a magic wand dear and all you need to do is wave it with conviction. Knowing that what you wish for will come into being. Your wish is my command so to speak. Smile

“What if you simply reached out your hand to me, allowed me to hold  it and felt the magic of my love? If you allowed me to guide you, and help you create amazing, loving miracles in your life and the lives of those you love what would change?

“Now, what if you believed in your heart of hearts that I was real? I am you know all you have to do is let me in!”

Your imagination is one of your most powerful tools. The words you speak and think have power in your life. If you worry about something long enough it will come to pass. If you desperately want something the likelihood of it showing up isn’t very great because the word want in no way implies having. On the other hand if you decide to have it …

Being alive remembering evil is live spelt backwards – imagine if we all reversed all that we perceive as evil into live – what would your life become?

How would the world change if we stopped seeing evil and simple saw it as an opportunity to live differently?

No matter what is happening in your life the love is real.

Next month the fairy godmother and I will be teaching a 4 week class. Stay tuned for more details.

In the mean time you could sign up for a Loving Life Session with me – jump start that process and have the life of your dreams, full of love, excitement and joy NOW!

With love and aloha from the fairy godmother and I,

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