Dollarphotoclub_56219271I recently had the most amazing experience with a watermelon. That day we were having sun and rain so there was a beautiful rainbow.

I was looking out the window appreciating the day. My hands were resting on the watermelon when suddenly I felt an overwhelming sense of expansion and love.

I could feel the sun, the moon, the stars, the rain and the entire universe within the watermelon.

All that from a simple watermelon.

Life is and then we tell ourselves a story, and it’s the story that creates our experience of life. When we expand our awareness, how and what we experience in life changes dramatically.

Every moment is an opportunity to experience the wonder and awe life holds. We are indeed made up of star stuff.

Where are you focusing your attention?

Whatever we focus our attention on we get more of. I felt the star stuff in that watermelon.  Now, whenever I open my mind and my heart I experience the amazingly expansive nature of reality.

When I align with that anything is possible. I can see the love in everything, even in people who are hateful and care little, if at all for others or this amazing universe.

July 13 was the 24th anniversary of Bea and I meeting and beginning to co-create an amazing life together. We have days full of laughter and joy and an occasional day filled with trauma and drama. Depending how and where I focus my attention I invite what happens next.

I’d love to help you focus on more of what you do want and less of what you don’t want. Stay tuned for me upcoming Hawaiian retreat (while staying at home and socially distancing)

With love, aloha, happiness, joy and enjoying my watermelon,