• Susan

      Aloha Zaneta …. they sure do make a difference, especially when we look directly into our eyes and really feel them through and through.

  1. Yi

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you for posting, you have been an inspiration to improve my life and my relationship with myself and others. I’ve used your techniques for self-love and they worked for me for a short time, i was feeling better and completely comfortable around other people, but then the feeling wore off even though I kept up the practice. After a week or two of lost results, I stopped practicing as much, but I am getting back into it now.
    Have you ever had experiences like this in your journey? I know we’re all different but how long did it take for these techniques to transform your view of the world for the long haul? Thanks so much!

    • Susan

      Hi Yi,
      It takes time for the new beliefs to become as ingrained as the old ones. I found at first it was a lot like the ocean, high tide (feeling good) low tide not so good but after a while with practice loving myself became second nature.

      I found taking actions besides the affirmations also helped. Doing loving, nurturing things augmented the affirmations. I used to mail myself little ‘love notes.’ Taking yourself out on a date, buying flowers and just giving yourself a BIG hug as you use the affirmations helps too.

      Just keep practicing and you will return to your natural state of being – love!

      Sending you a big big hug,

      • Yi

        That’s good to hear coming from you, thanks again!


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