Yhearts in sandou fall in love and at first everything is WONDERFUL. Even his farts don’t smell until they do and he chews with his mouth open and leaves his clothes all over and then the honeymoon is over. 

I have always had a curiosity about word origins. So when I wrote the title of this email I did some research. The idea of honeymoon is from the mid 16th century (originally denoting the period of time following a wedding): from honey + moon. The original reference was to affection waning like the moon, but later the phrase came to mean‘the first month after marriage.’

Love turns to judgment and if left unchecked eventually to the end of the relationship. Love is such a precious gift, that needs nurturing and nurtures us in return.

Love is a choice. Of course it is my belief that only the love is real but we can immerse ourselves in the world judgment and fear builds.

I have long believed that two people, totally unknown to one another, perhaps with very different backgrounds could create an amazingly intimate and supportive relationship simply by choosing love.

Intimacy (into-me-see) is a very powerful tool for creating magic and miracles in life. Fearlessly exposing yourself truly sets you free and allows you to access your limitless, loving, expansive nature.

You are a being of love and light and laughter. Totally limitless, without any limits except for those we impose on ourselves with judgment and fear.

How about going on an endless honeymoon with yourself and your beloved? Isn’t it time to come out from under the covers and let your light shine?

What would that look like in your life? How would it feel to have a passionate love affair with yourself?

When I read posts on Facebook I see an endless stream of women who struggle with loving themselves. When I talk with people so many of them yearn desperately for a relationship. Only the love is real and that love begins with you.

Want to fill your life with magical relationships? Want to really feel loved, accepted and embraced by the universe? If the answer is yes then sign up for a complimentary Loving Life Session with me.

Life and love is too precious to waste even a single moment. 

With love and aloha,

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