What are you going to create for yourself this week? I love new journals, the beginning of a new year or the first day of a new week. I see them as an opportunity for me to set my intent clearly and create what I want consciously. Of course, I can do that at any time, but beginnings are a good reminder or invitation if you will.

Intent is such a powerful force in our lives and we can use it consciously or allow our filter system to run amuck. We are always creating our reality. The question is whether we choose to do it consciously or unconsciously.

So, my question to you is what are you going to create for yourself right now? in this moment, what are you going to choose to focus your attention on? What thoughts will you feed and which thoughts will you allow to whither and die?

Changing life, harnessing your intent to create what you consciously want is really simply a matter of retraining your mind. I have been training puppies for the past year and it is all about focus and repetition. I love Caesar Milan and the idea of being a pack leader. Be a pack leader for your mind and watch what happens to your life!

With love and aloha,