505669922The current lava flow here in Hawaii is different from the ones I’ve observed in the past. Normally I’ve seen the lava flowing slowly, you could walk up to the lava and watch it move.  It certainly never moved this fast, 17+ mph like it is now.

To the left is a picture of the lava lake that is no more and Halemaumau crater that has changed forever.

Some questions I pose to you – What stories about yourself and your life might you want to change? What parts of yourself could use a little bit more love and acceptance from you?

So here is a story, a myth:

After Pele learned the secrets of the flames, her older sister Namaka, the goddess of water, forced Pele out of her home.

Namaka said the island would burn if she stayed. So Pele set off with her dearly beloved brothers and sisters and found a new island called Hawaii.

On Hawaii she found that there was another god named ‘Aila’au which means forest eater. ‘Aila’au and Pele both wanted Kilauea to be their home. Pele knew that the fire god never gives up.

‘Aila’au and Pele went into a battle. They threw fire balls at each other. They erupted volcanoes to see who could create more lava and smoke.

In the end the sky was black from the smoke. The battle ended and the wind took a long time to blow the smoke out into the sea. When the air was really clear ‘Aila’au was gone. Pele had beaten ‘Aila’au and lived in Kilauea.

I have heard that ‘Aila’au just went underground and waited. Some say he is currently erupting in lower Puna reminding everyone in his path of his power, strength and anger at being forgotten. I believe he’s back.

I found it odd when Green lake was consumed by the lava this time. Pele had promised her favorite sister Hiʻiaka that she would never touch Green Lake with her lava. Yet recently the lava flows practically did a u-turn and went up hill to consume Green Lake.

I seriously doubt Pele would have broken her promise to her beloved sister Hiʻiaka.

Life is and then we tell ourselves a story. To me, this is an interesting story I thought I would share with you.

I plan on honoring both Pele and ‘Aila’au, after all I do live on an active volcano and would really like to continue to care take this beautiful piece of land.

With love and aloha,

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