What a powerful way to be in the world. Within the simple art of allowing support exists the ability to be open, vulnerability, surrender, acceptance, connection, humility, self-worth, self-love and profound intimacy with others, our divinity and ourselves. Many of those concepts can be challenging and are incredible doorways leading to personal power, freedom and joy.

When we observe the areas of our life support seems to be lacking we can see the shadow of our filter system. In the Toltec tradition the world is viewed as an interactive energy system. As we remove the blockages caused by our beliefs, agreements and assumptions we can allow the universe to support us more fully. The only thing stopping us from having EVERYTHING we want is our own, self-imposed limitations. Letting go of them is as simple as allowing for the possibility they only exist in our mind and are not really part of reality.

When we look at life what we really see is a distorted vision of reality. The universe is a loving, supportive place if we allow ourselves to be supported. Recapitulation or recapturing your energy is a powerful way to release your filter system. It is a simple breathing technique. There are books written about it, I have a thorough explanation about it on my web site at http://www.susangregg.com/questions_and_answers.htm and in my book The Toltec Way. We can make it as complicated or simple as we wish.

A simple way to use recapitulation to assist yourself in feeling supported is to breathe in the feeling of being supported and breathe out any feelings of separation, fear or lack of support. Whenever you feel afraid or unsupported just use your breath to change the feeling. We always have the choice to live in a world of fear or love. My suggestion is choose love.

With love,

Also the 4th episode of my podcast is now available. It is all about personal power – hope you take the time to enjoy it!

Life is and then we tell ourselves a story – make it a great one!
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