orange treeI have spent over 14 years planting fruit trees and flowers all over my property. The place is beautiful.

About a year ago I was talking with the people that bring mangos to the farmer’s market when they are in season. They are delicious, juicy and huge.

When I asked him what he did he said he fertilized his plants on the solstice and equinoxes. I thought it was a great idea and I have been doing that ever since.

So, for the past year I have been giving my tress loving care as well as lime and fertilizer (organic of course). The difference is amazing. This year my tangerine tree had so much fruit we had to prop up the limbs.

My navel orange tree was doing so poorly Bea wanted to cut it down. I championed for the tree and right now it has delicious fruit and tons of blossoms.

Just by consistently caring for my trees they have all flourished. The same thing happened to my life and if I forget to be loving and nurturing to myself I see the results immediately.

Imagine what love could do for your life . . .

When I work with people the first thing I suggest is creating a recipe for love.

What could you do for yourself EVERY day that would feel loving?

How can you care and nurture yourself?

Maybe get more sleep
Go for a walk out in nature
Take a long relaxing bath with your favorite scent
Declutter your closet and let go of things you no longer wear
Take to time to sit and read
Listen to your favorite music
Dance naked in the living room
Come to my Summer Solstice Retreat

The list can go on and on. The key to loving yourself is actively doing things that are loving. It can be as simple as saying I love you to yourself frequently during the day.

My favorite saying is:

You are loved, you are love and you are lovable. You swim in a sea of unconditional love!

Maybe take the time to sign up for one of my complimentary Loving Life Sessions. When you really love yourself, abundance and all good things will surely follow!

Until next time with much love and aloha,

PS. On Thursdays, at 10 AM Hawaii time I do a Facebook live video – love to have you come. This week it is about “love, laughter and joy” living them and letting go of whatever no longer serves you … you all come now,  you hear (from an old TV show I think)