lane-smith-442425-unsplashI feel like I have fallen off the map lately.  Over a month ago Bea had major surgery on her foot. She can’t put any weight on the cast so I have become the care taker of all the chickens, the dogs, the cats, the land, her and me.

It took me a while to realize I kept forgetting about me, but an ear infection reminded me, or at least the pain from the ear infection did. Louise Hay says that is an avoidance to listening. I certainly wasn’t listening to my needs!

Do you ever forget to put yourself first?

I have found that I keep turning up the volume until I listen to my spirit, that inner wisdom that constantly whispers to me. I can wait until the drama gets huge or listen to the first whispers.

Lately I have oscillated between listening to the gentle whispers and crashing into the cosmic 2×4’s

Cosmic 2×4’s

Years ago I realized if I payed attention there were warning signs that said, “Duck, cosmic 2×4 coming” or “Hitting that upcoming 2×4 WILL hurt, change course now!” It has been years since I’ve had to even think about ducking.

These past few months have been a wonderful reminder. I could tell myself the story about how hard it is and how overwhelming doing everything is or enjoy the process.

I have a beautiful property, a sanctuary, loving partner that is struggling, three awesome kittens, 4 grown cats, 2 dogs that love me, lots of chickens and you. (Thanks for being part of my journey and taking the time to read my ramblings)

I am surrounded by love (we all are really) so I can enjoy the ride. Just spread my wings and soar.

So love or fear?

One of my strongest beliefs is: Only the love is real. Granted it is a belief and the results of embracing it are incredible. Try it you might like it!! What have you got to lose? Judgment, fear, anger, a feeling of separation?

Let go and let the love flow. Only the love is real, make that your mantra and see what happens!

As always I love to read your thoughts in the comment section below!!

Fully embracing the love,

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