sending you loveYesterday I was going to remind someone of the agreement – Don’t take things personally. Then I stopped myself when I realized I was taking her attitude personally and had all week.

And then there was love.

I let go of my assumption and stopped taking things personal and then my heart opened to love.

I once saw a quote that I really resonated with. It was something to the effect:

You wouldn’t go into the forest and tell the trees they were off center.
You wouldn’t go to the ocean and scream at the waves telling them they weren’t doing it right.

So why do that to yourself?

Practice, even if it is just for a day seeing your perfection in every moment. Know you are the creator of your world and you can go forth and decide to create it from love.

My favorite saying is, “Only the love is real. You are love, you are loved and you are lovable.”

And then there was love. Embrace it, share it and be it.

With love and aloha,

PS As always, I’m a comment junky. I love reading your thoughts and feeling in the comment section below.