Why the Apprenticeship Class?

Apprenticeship helps you make big changes you really can’t do alone. Every time you decide to change your life, you’re making a commitment. And depending on quite a few factors, you’ll either succeed, or totally flame out and fail to meet your goals.

When it comes to changing your habits and creating better ones, I’ve found that one of the most critical components of success is the support you get from others who are doing the same thing. Combine that with an experienced guide who’s been there before and can help you along the way, and you have a wonderful map that will help you arrive exactly where you’re headed.

When you have the support of peers who are making the same commitment to change, it’s like a door opens up and a glowing pathway of light leads you easily through what was formerly a dark and troublesome landscape of change and improvement—truly, with friends and an experienced guide on the same pathway, the sky’s the limit!

The Online Group Has Proven to Be a Major Plus!

You will be part of an amazing group of people, people dedicated to transforming their lives and creating a life filled with magic and miracles. There is definitely power in numbers. Being part of a group of loving and supportive people can make all the difference.

You are no longer alone on your journey.

We meet Tuesday evenings by phone. You can sit there in you PJ’s and be connected with others on the same path as you. I’ve had the privilege to watch people’s lives transform and the magic return to their lives. Life long friendships have developed. There is definitely magic in the group support. I’ve watched participants in the program begin to understand and experience real personal freedom.

This becomes your group, a place where you can talk about anything that is bothering you and find solutions. You can get to know one another, support one another and celebrate each other’s successes.

I am there for you, only an email away.

What does the class consist of?

  • There is a teleclass every Tuesday evening at 9:30 PM Eastern Time. You call a number in Kansas and we all get together in our virtual classroom. We have a short check in, I ask for questions, then I lead a guided meditation, sometimes people share their experiences and then I teach class. We end the class with a question and answer period.
  • You become a member of an e-group where you can ask questions and share with one another.
  • The class is recorded each week and you can download it so you can listen again.
  • The possibilities are endless. I hope you decide to become part of this powerful group of loving and supportive people so you can allow your life to become all you want it to be.
  • You will learn to see your filter system with clarity aw well as how to let go of the filters that cause limitations in your life.
  • This class can help you achieve personal freedom, however you choose to define it

Bonus 1: Hour long, personal phone session once a year and a phone session with me before you officially join the class.

Creating a Sacred Space for Real Change and Connection…

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to study with Don Miguel and his mother Sister Sarita many years ago. I was able to spend long hours with them; talking, asking questions, processing, growing, and changing. I treasure those years we spent together. In fact, it resulted in my first book called, Dance of Power and so much more.

After I had completed my apprenticeship with Don Miguel and his mother, I knew that I would, one day, create a similar space for others. A safe, powerful, loving space in which to learn and grow and find our paths.

The online apprenticeship class is marvelous for creating those deep connections. The intimacy and love is fertile ground for personal transformation and growth and the physical distance makes no difference at all in our ability to connect and create deep and life-long relationships with one another.

How long does the class last?

The length of time you stay is up to you—there is no beginning and ending. It is more organic than that. Some people stay for a few months while others stay for years. As long as you are getting benefit and are enjoying the loving support you stay.

It can take years or months to clear out your filter system, it all depends upon how much effort you put into the exercises each week. And some people stay to help others along their way—this is what I mean when I talk about the way it becomes a spiritual family.

Pricing and Financial Dogma

The investment for the monthly Apprenticeship Class is just $150* a month. This includes a class every Tuesday night, the e-group, the recordings, as well me.

Money can be a touchy subject in any relationship. I know when I first started pursuing my spiritual path I had a judgment about people charging for spiritual teachings. Many people express the same sentiments to me and I can certainly understand their feelings. It took me a while to understand the reasons and the energetic behind this process too.

I don’t want money to be an issue in your journey with me and I hope this story that was told to me will help you. It helped me.

I had an elder explain it to me in this way…

In the old days the medicine woman had all her needs meet by the tribe. Her living quarters were lovingly maintained by her students, she was always treated with great reverence and love. The tribe considered providing for her an honor and a privilege, not at all a burden.

Although it is a poor substitute for the love, honor, respect and abundance the healers and teachers of the past were given, money is our society’s medium of exchange—and this medium, although it appears to be simple and course on the surface is a subtle, energetic exchange as well.

I was told by this elder to always give that support with love and to see it as an honor and a privilege to be able to share that energy with another.

All in all, a good attitude to have whenever we exchange money. If we learn to handle money in this manner it will become our friend and be much more abundant in our lives.

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