Here in the town of Nida the wild pigs have been very busy rooting up the grass in the town square. They are making a mess. For some reason I like wild pigs, but not when they are destroying my property in Hawaii. But when I see them in the forest or standing near by they seem so, umm majestic, well I am not sure what adjective I would use to describe them. I think they are cute.

Here is a picture of one that came up to the window the other night when we were doing a dream workshop. Wild pigs are supposed to be dangerous. When I look into their eyes I see peace and curiosity. I find it hard to feel afraid of this creature yet there are stories of people being hurt by them. What we see is definitely defined not by out there but rather by what we tell ourselves about out there.

We can see danger or destruction or cute or food, it all depends on what we tell ourselves and then the choices we make based on that dialog. What is it you want to create, right now, in this moment, in your life? What is your story about having it? What actions do you take to create what it is you say you want?

Affirmations and visualization are wonderful as long as they are followed by the appropriate actions. I am glad I have had my pig fix here in Lithuania so I won’t have to attract them in Hawaii. When they did show up on my property they made a huge mess so I called pig hunters to trap them. The pigs moved on to ‘greener, trap free pastures’ and I was glad I didn’t have to see them killed.

Thoughts, decisions and actions. Creating what you want when you want it is a matter of choices and outcomes. If you keep making the same choices chances are you’ll keep getting the same outcomes! Is it time for some new choices?

A wonderful exercise is to practice changing your habits and routines. Go to work a different way, eat with your other hand, sleep in a new direction, just shake up your ‘normal’ way of doing things and see what happens!

With love and aloha from Lithuania,