Life is and then we tell ourselves a story. Dependent on the subtleties of the story we have a reaction. We can act in love of act based on a judgment – the action may be the same, but the people involved can feel the difference.

A dear friend of mine is Mexican-American. One day I had the opportunity to notice the subtlety of prejudice. My friend, her mom, and several of her nieces and nephews were in line at Wal-Mart. I was standing off to the side watching. I saw the “looks” other people were giving them. Nothing was actually said, but you could feel the energy of their judgments.

Life is pono (perfect) and then we tell ourselves a story. Once we judge something as good or bad our actions are all contaminated by that judgment. Had those children been white perhaps the judgment would have been how cute they were. But if we judge the prejudice we become part of the problem.

Love or fear . . . Life is a constant invitation to connect with our fear-based judgments or with our magical, expansive love-based nature.

Imagine a world based on love!

Moving beyond judgment gives us an opportunity to:
See and experience the gift in everything
Reach out in a loving and expansive manner
Make choices previously unavailable
Act in a truly compassionate way
Experience profound freedom, richness and joy in all of life.
One of the many things I love about both the Toltec tradition and ancient Hawaiian spirituality is the gentle reminder to move beyond the limited perspective of our mind. When we take the time to observe our mind rather than listen to it and believing what is says freedom is much easier to achieve.

I find it helps when I ask myself:

“Do I want to be right or do I want to be happy?”
“How else could I see this?”
“What would love do?”

The quality of our lives often depends on the quality of the questions we ask ourselves. Instead of reacting set your intent to act from a place of love and connection to your spirit.

Remember spiritual practices take practice!

With love,

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