What a wonderful idea. Just Imagine what a blissful life would feel like.

“Follow your bliss.” Joseph Campbell

When I think of bliss I have wonderful images of being bathed in bliss, of bliss flowing all over my life, of ease, joy, happiness, fun, laughter … well you get the idea.

Happiness the Skill 4 changes 1I am currently writing a book, Happiness the Skill: 5 simple steps for enjoying your life. I am enjoying the process and as I write it, I enjoy as the wonderful feelings, thoughts, concepts and suggested exercises come together.

I get up very early every morning and write for at least an hour, before my day begins. I could look at it as work or I could enjoy the process. To be honest most mornings I feel blissful and blessed.

When the writing is hard I take time to meditate and ask my Musses for help. I let go and trust the process. Some days I go to my garden as the sunrises and work there for a while. Then I come back and sit down to write. I tap into bliss as I move through my day.

What if you created a bliss routine? How could you feel blissful and blessed in your life?

It sure makes the day much more enjoyable. Make your bliss your primary focus and watch magic and miracles become part of your everyday life!

I’d love to hear your bliss routine or any questions, comments, thoughts or feelings you have in the comment section.

With lots of love, bliss and aloha,

PS. I have just opened up my Sunday Night Apprentice Class to new students for a short time and my new book Happiness the Skill is available for pre-order.