How do you normally start your day? And how do you end your day? What is the first thought you have each morning? What do you think about as you’re falling asleep?

Those times of transition between being asleep and awake are very important, our mind is most suggestible and we can really utilize those times in a powerful way. I always suggest people create what I call bookends for the day. Bookends arr something you do every morning and every night. Bookends will help you create what you want, feel how you want to feel and vastly improve the quality of your life.

The covers of a book protect its pages and in a sense your daily bookends enfold your life and can protect you from the old, familiar habits of negative thinking. If you wake up worrying about the day, feeling stressed about all the things you need to do or go to sleep feeling angry it not only affects your dreams, but it affects the next day as well. You do create your reality, or at least your experience of reality with your thoughts, beliefs, agreements and assumptions.

We have bookends already we just aren’t conscious of what they really are. Today you’ll think 95% of the same thoughts as you did yesterday and you make many of the same choices and take the same actions. So why not spend a few minutes and consciously create bookends that will really facilitate creating what you want and feeling good about yourself?

I’m a great believer in meditation and journaling. So each morning I spend some time meditating and journaling. I live on the gorgeous island of Hawaii so part of my morning bookend is to spend some time connecting with nature. Your morning bookend can be as simple as taking the time to take a long, slow deep breath. One of my favorite authors Thich Nan Hahn suggests you put a sign over your bed that says smile. What a wonderful way to start the day by taking a moment to smile deeply with your spirit as you awaken.

Take time to be conscious of your first thought and your last thought. Choose them carefully. If you want to make brownies it helps to have the proper ingredients. If you add a lot of salt instead of sugar you might not like the brownies. If you want happy, joyous life add happiness and joy first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

For my evening bookend I usually take a warm bath, write for a few minutes in my journal and before I fall asleep I review my day in reverse and let go of any unfinished business. Then I give thanks for the opportunity of having another day and surrounded by the energy of gratitude fall sleep.

I find it helps to ask myself, “What do I want to create today?” Once I answer that question I can create my bookends accordingly. So, what are a few things you could do for yourself every morning and every night? Make sure they’re small and manageable so you can easily do them and then take the time to do them every morning and every night. Having a wonderful day is definitely worth the effort.

With love and aloha,

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