Happiness really is a skill, once mastered it will change your entire life:
  • Be happy regardless of what is happening around you

  • Find yourself really enjoying your life

  • See life from a new, more expansive perspective

  • Your face may occasionally hurt from smiling all the time

Available as a paperback too!

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Bea Bueno, The proof reader

“I have read all of Susan's books and this one is by far the best one yet. I felt totally uplifted as I read it. I have read the concepts before but this time they really hit home. I highly recommend spending time reading it, practicing the simple steps and watching your world change. Happiness is indeed a skill, it is a shame we don't teach it in grade school.”

In the Book, You Will Discover:

You will learn how to be happy no matter what's happening

You will have sudden outbreaks of laughter, happiness and joy

Your own innate wisdom and perfection

Realize anything is possible

About the Author: Susan Gregg

Susan lives on the Big Island of Hawaii on an amazing sanctuary she has spent 12 years creating. Susan lives with a wonderful partner who is also her editor, 4 rescued dogs, 2 cats, 50 free ranging chickens, a parrot named Sadie, a bunch of Koi fish and an ever present mortgage.

Susan often swims with sea turtles, gorgeous tropical fish and dolphins. She went from being depressed and suicidal to having an amazing life. She is currently writing a series of books designed to help her readers transform their lives. Happiness the Skill is the second book in the series.

Get the book now (from Amazon):