angel-with-fluteI used to have a blog about angels on Beliefnet. I had several posts about calling in the angels. I recently had a woman ask me to send her the angels and I thought, “Why not! Let’s call in angels all over this planet as 2017 begins.”
Originally there was lots of ‘you have to do this and do that.’ Angels are always ready and available. We aren’t this body, we are a being a love and light and laughter. We are indeed star stuff and so are angels. I went through the rules and was simply left with making an altar and an invitation, so here goes.
In the spirit of the season, on New Year’s Eve I will be sending angels to anyone that wants to receive them. All you need to do is set up an altar someplace in your home. To make this simple put a white cloth on a flat surface (It can even be a napkin or paper towel), an apple and a candle (I use LED candles these days). Write down your hopes, dreams, prayers and wishes for the world and place it on the altar. Then just before New Year’s Eve open your front door and invite them in. Acknowledge them each night for a week and then send them on to whoever needs their love and guidance.
I suggest you share your intent, what you will create for yourself and the world in 2017 in the comment section. There is power in numbers so type away.
May 2017 be filled with love, laughter, joy and abundance for everyone.
With love and aloha,
PS If you come upon this post after New Year’s Eve just make an altar, open your door in the evening and invite them in with an open heart and they will come.
PPS If you sign up for my retreat It’s All About Love before Jan 1st I will give you $100 off the cost of the retreat.