Pick a day, any day. Point at the calendar and pick a day this week to celebrate the amazing, magical, mystical, talented being called you.

The simple choice to love and celebrate yourself will change your entire life.

You are perfect

A lot of people have issues with perfection. Their drive to be perfect drains their lives of joy. I have read countless articles about the corrosive affect the drive to be perfect can have on our lives.

We can have a conflict with perfection or realize we are already perfect just the way we are.  You already are perfect you know!

You are perfect just the way you are, right now no changes necessary.

What we can perceive ourselves as being full of flaws, defects in our character and things we need to change in order to be perfect or we can see all those things as being part of our perfection.

How can flaws be part of perfection?
If we are too fat or too thin, how can that be perfect?
If we are drunk all the time, how is that perfect?
If we have hurt other people how is that perfect?

Perfection is all a matter of perspective. Change yours to one of love.

So, pick a day

Give yourself permission to really celebrate who you are. Take time to feel your perfection. Allow yourself to love yourself unconditionally, release any and all judgments you have about yourself and watch your life transform.

No matter what the question or the problem love is always the solution. You are a limitless being of love and light and laughter.  The more you embrace your true nature the more magical your life will become.

With love and aloha,