Lithuania 2010 025

Is love or fear your motivator?

I love this image. When I am in Lithuania the group frequently meditates while watching the sunset over the Baltic Sea. It is amazing to watch a group of people sitting in silence just watching the sunset.

When you take action with intent and purpose you have a totally different experience and you get very different results. If you take the same actions because you are afraid the best you can do is create more fear.

Changing your world

Changing your world is very different from wanting to change the world. I get so many emails from people asking, “Isn’t it a good thing to feed the hungry or stop war or _______ fill in the blank.”

My question is always, “Are you doing it from love or from judgment/fear?” Is there something inherently wrong with people starving? That is where things get a bit dicey. On an energy level people come here to experience what they come here to experience.

I remember hearing someone talk about the story of the Good Samaritan in the bible. As I recall a man was badly beaten and half dead so the Samaritan helps the injured man. There are several layers to the story because Samaritans were not well liked. The parable suggests he did a good deed.

What if the injured man was about to experience enlightenment because of his wounds? What if some how the pain and suffering was allowing him to see the world in a totally different way? But the intervention of the Good Samaritan, although it saved him from suffering he never reached that enlightened state?

Just some food for thought and a reminder to choose love.

With love, joy and an impish smile,

PS. Would love to see your thoughts about the parable and there is still a free Kindle reader for one of the commentators.