It takes a village to raise a child. It often takes us finding our ‘tribe’ to achieve a deep sense of spiritual connection. Each one of us must walk our own unique path alone, but to become one with the universe we must do it together.

As a species we seem much more comfortable following a path then blazing our own. I have observed many paradoxes on my spiritual path and perhaps one of the greatest is we need to find our own path yet do it together. That is the magic of moving beyond domination and into the realm of dominion and interdependency.

Be aware of when you are following or leading – heads and tails of the same coin. Focus on finding that place within yourself where you know who and what you are. A sense of at oneness springs forth from that connection. Leading and following develop from a sense of separation.

No matter what we think or feel – at the energy level we are all one. Tap into the energy and let it guide you. This planet is one big community – imagine what the world would be like if we all lived as if that were so.

With love,

Life is but a dream – make it a great one!
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