Conscious Creation

The universe is a vast energy system limitless in nature. A magical supply cabinet if you will. At some level of your consciousness you decide you want something and after a short time there it is. This universal, creative fulfillment machine is quite literal and reads energy rather than simply listening to words.

So, say you want to be happy yet your filter system holds the energy of sadness and fear. The magnificent, limitless energy machine called universe reads that energy and creates a whole series of events for your enjoyment filled with sadness and fear.

Freedom really is based on learning to manipulate your energy regardless of the events swirling around you. Generate the feeling of abundance in the midst of lack and abundance will manifest. Worry about not having enough and lack will wing its way back to you.

Generate feelings of love and self-acceptance within and it will manifest all around you. Hold onto judgment and self-criticism and that will manifest as well.

Choose your energy state moment by moment. Learn to create what you want within no matter what swirls around you and you are free. You are now and have always been free to feel however you want whenever you want and conscious create your experience. It is just that we haven’t been taught that. We have been taught that we are victims to the events around us. We have learned to believe that circumstances control our emotions and forgotten that our emotions and out energy states have a huge affect on the circumstances around us. As you remember that you will learn to create in a more conscious manner.

With love,