once upon a timeI was recently talking to someone about the importance of following their inner guidance. She was confused about how to do that so I suggested she follow the cosmic breadcrumbs. Of course the next question was, what are cosmic breadcrumbs?

Cosmic breadcrumbs are different for each of us. Some people see ‘signs’ while others ‘hear messages’ and some people just ‘feel’ or sense something. Cosmic breadcrumbs arise from an alignment with our spirit or our true essence.

How do cosmic breadcrumbs show up in your life?

I learned the hard way to pay attention to the subtle whispers of my spirit, to my intuition. I would get a feeling or start seeing messages or hearing a song and ignore the signs. Then an event would happen in my life and I would think I knew better. I had a feeling that person was lying or that if I parked there my car would get hit. I learned to listen by not listening.

When I began studying with Don Miguel Ruiz it made no logical sense. The classes were taught in Spanish and I didn’t speak Spanish.  Meeting the woman who introduced us was the result of me going to the ‘wrong’ church. Had I not listened to my spirit my life would be totally different and I am eternally grateful I did follow that guidance. I have never regretted following those cosmic breadcrumb no matter how odd they seemed at the time.

Change only takes a little bit of willingness

You have all  your own answers. There is nothing new under the sun. It, whatever it is, has all been said before. There is no out there yet we live in a world filled with others and an incredibly sensual out there. Finding and following your cosmic breadcrumbs only takes a little bit of willingness.

I always smile because I know everyone that is in my life has been led there by breadcrumbs. Welcome to my world. Maybe someday I will tell you the story about the Cosmic Cappuccino House.

With love and aloha,

I love Alicepopkorn’s images. Her photos inspire me.