heart full of loveGratitude is a powerful and fun way to change your life. Imagine your entire life infused with gratitude.

Imagine waking up and feeling grateful for the coming day. As you lazily wake up imagine looking forward to your day.

When I first moved to California I got a job doing telephone sales. I hated my job. I’d wake up dreading the day. Sunday night I’d lay in bed thinking about the coming week. I’d toss and turn not being able to sleep.

One day one of my mentors asked me what I was grateful for and I said nothing. She said then you are in trouble and she was right.

I began focusing on gratitude and my entire life changed. I’ve since learned that focusing on gratitude actually rewires your brain.

Love expands, fear contracts. It is impossible to feel gratitude, anger and fear at the same time.

I often talked about retraining my mind. I needed help seeing my own filter system because I was so used to seeing life through it.

Since I moved to the Big Island I’ve wanted high speed internet. I was shocked when I moved here and found out it wasn’t available. 

Today I was supposed to get fiber optic high speed internet installed. To say I was overly excited would be an understatement. 

But, then I found out I need to clear a bunch of trees first. I was very disappointed and I still am but I’m focusing on being grateful that at least it is available now. My electric line is affected by the trees too, so clearing the trees will avoid a future power outage. All in all a good thing!

So I could be angry, disappointed or grateful. Which do you suppose will get the best results?

So what do I want more of in my life? I make that choice thought by thought.

What feels better? Anger, disappointment, fear or gratitude? As I often ask people “Do you want to be right or do you want to be happy”?

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Sending you a BIG hug
With love, gratitude and aloha,