By Terri Cole

Decode-Unblock-An-Inquiry-About-Fear-654x435 Are you taking steps to create it? If not, why?

I will make an educated guess that fear is part of the problem. It is the main reason my clients get stuck in any area of their lives. It presents as many other logical emotions so it tricks us. There is also an illusion, when you start comparing yourself to others, that some people are born under a lucky star and it all comes easily to them. I can tell you the inside scoop that many of the smartest, most successful and happiest people I know were born no different than you. The ones in my crew consciously and actively transformed their relationship to fear by becoming experts on themselves and the way their downloaded blueprints around fear were informing their decisions. Learning to see all of the masks and disguises that fear wears, helps to create clarity. Fearlessness is not possible and not the point. Understanding how you relate to fear is the key to getting unblocked.

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